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How Can You Make Creative Use of Canvas Cloth?

jhkDo you want to decor your old sofa? Are your old dirty curtains giving a dull look to your room? If the answer of both of these questions is ‘Yes’, then the canvas is a one stop solution to meet both of your needs. It works great for both indoor and outdoor decorations because of its sturdiness. By flipping through this workpiece, you will develop an insight into the creative uses of canvas cloth. So, are you ready to become creative? Let’s start the journey.

Cover your old comfy sofa

Many a times, when we visit a house, we find an old sofa in a bad condition is placed there at the living room. The sight makes us consider the hosts as a careless and dirty person. This notion may not be right always. But it develops an irritating attitude in us against that host, right? If you are in the same position as the host, you should buy canvas drop cloth to cover your old chair or sofa. As it is completely washable, you can easily clean the dirt on it. You can also do some paint some designs on the cloth to make your sofa look attractive.

Sometimes, the dropcloth slips when someone sits on it exposing its torn out inside covers. To keep the cloth in its place, you can make use of a pool noodle. The cloth is gripped by the noodle and does not get slipped when the sofa is pushed back. When the time to wash the canvas cloth arrives, you can easily do it just by taking out the noodle.

Replace the dull old curtains

A garden room can be given an appeal by transforming it with a beautifully painted canvas cloth. As it is perfectly suited for outdoor projects, you can easily paint on it. The best way of painting on it is to go for a low sheen PVA because it sticks to the cloth more than the fabric. Use masking tape to find out which areas you don’t want to paint. After marking those areas, simply apply the colors you have selected to make the cloth look vibrant.

If you choose bright colors, then your garden room will also look bright and spacious. If you are interested to give your curtains a customized look, then you should cut your cloth according to the size of the window, and then hem every side of the curtain. But to make the curtains look like a dress, you have to add panels of fabric on it. Now top off the canvas cloth curtains with contemporary clips of the canvas cloth curtains. Your curtain is now perfectly set to hang up.

You can buy canvas cloth from the various options available on the online stores. Try to buy a light- colored cloth so that the paintings on it becomes visible to every eye even from a long distance.

Decorating the outside and inside of your house is a fun activity. So, enjoy doing it by choosing the right canvas cloth.

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