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How a Photobooth Can Pretty Much Predict Your Relationship

The photobooth is actually an excellent indicator of how life looks in a series of four pictures played out across a vignette of your life. Sound crazy? Watch closely and you'll see how life looks in four stages. This is pretty much what you can get out of your photo booth experience, and if you plan a photo booth hire in Sydney for your party you'll let your guests into a whole lot more than just a couple of funny pics. Here's how: Each image in every stage captures a slice of what life is like in a relationship. It actually relates to the stages of a relationship, and it's totally accurate - promise.

1926027_720918044619896_982148450_oPicture One

The first pic is generally going to be the most placid of the pictures. It can take people a minute to start to think about what they're going to do in their first image. For example, not everyone is settled into the frame, and people might be jumping around and figuring out where the sit and what they're going to be doing. Figuring out the definitions of the picture, if you will. This can relate to the beginning stages of any relationship, where people are trying to figure each other out and get comfortable if you will, with the framing.


Picture Two

At once, the flash goes off and then people start to get comfortable with where they're sitting and how they're positioned. This is the time when things start to get a little bit crazy and settles in to the framing. You might see people starting to impress each other and moving around a little bit more. This picture probably demonstrates you getting a little more comfortable as well, and is totally usually one of the best pictures to show how comfortable you're getting in the relationship. This is basically the adolescence of the relationship and is where you see people trying to find the right balance between being a singleton and then becoming a couple. This photo is often a bit sexy or flirty, and might show a kiss or a hug or a cute look between two people. You're getting real into it here.


Photo Three

In this one you go a bit more crazy again and then you can see the comfort level increasing between people in the photo strip. This might be one of your favourites from the whole photo strip! The third picture can represent your moving from just dating and being in the honeymoon phase to really getting to know each other and finding out all the fun stuff about someone that makes you get really nice and close to them.


Photo Four

The last one is where it gets real nice and cozy - you'll be used to sitting together or posing together and will demonstrate the closeness between you as a pair. You'll be nice and cute together here. This is like the togetherness stage of your relationship.

Well, this is how a photo strip can totally mimic your relationships in real life. Whether you're just starting out as a couple of have been together for ages, the photobooth somehow has a way of teasing out all of the different stages of a relationship and demonstrating it in four simple pictures.


Take a look next time you get a photo booth hire in Sydney for your party, jump in with your beloved and try and figure out which stages are which in your relationship. Of course, this is all meant in fun - but maybe you'll find something out about your relationship, who knows? Want to find out more about photobooths for your party? Then click here for more info.

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