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Home Improvements That Will Raise the Value of Your Home

There are a few home improvement projects you can incorporate to increase the value of your rental. Before you embark on any sort of home improvement project, however, you must first inspect your home. If your home has structural damage, any cosmetic improvements you make will not last. Check for weak roofs, termite infestation, mold, cracked walls or any other structural damage. Fix such problems while they are still minor, otherwise they will cost a lot of money to fix if left to deteriorate further.

After you have an idea of the magnitude of repairs and improvements required, the other thing you must do is invite an interior designer to help you come up with a plan. Though you will pay a consultation fee, the opinion of a good interior designer could mean the difference between a disastrous finish and stunning improvements. As you have probably done your research in magazines, home improvement websites, and websites that advertise condos for sale, you should share any ideas you have with your interior designer.

After your interior designer gives you his or her recommendations, you can embark on your home improvement. Below are some DIY home improvement ideas that will increase the value of your home:

  1. Painting

Painting is simple to do, and after a fresh application of paint throughout your home, you will instantly give your home a new feel. A freshly painted home looks clean and modern, both of which are good qualities when you want to hike your rent or resale value. Keep your colours neutral as most people find neutral colours more appealing.

  1. Energy efficient improvements

Most people are now aware that they pay a lot of money to utility bill companies, yet they could be saving that money if they have an energy efficient home. Your improvements could be as big as investing in alternative energy sources such as wind and solar, to making small changes such as insulating heating ducts and windows.

  1. Landscaping

Most home buyers and tenants know that it takes a long time to grow a decent garden. When they find a home that already has mature gardens, they jump on the opportunity because they know all the difficult work is already done.

If you want your landscaping to look good all year round, do your landscaping with plants that are tolerant to drought. Since such plants don't shed leaves, this can be a key selling point for your home.

  1. Installing a water filtration system

Homeowners spend a lot of money on bottled water because the water coming out of the tap is not pure enough to drink. When you install a filtration system in your home, you will instantly save money. When home buyers do the math, they will see how much savings they will be making.

  1. Update your ceiling

This is not exactly a DIY task, but it's worth mentioning because if you have the wrong type of ceiling, your house will look very dated. While you are updating your ceiling, install ceiling light fixtures that add character to your house.

These are but a few changes you could make to your home. Start with these and work on anything else that needs fixing, such as floors, kitchen cabinets and bathrooms.

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