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Here Are a Few Steps That Will Improve Your Photography Skills as a Beginner

In our current day and age, everyone who owns a smartphone or a camera enjoys capturing pictures. However, a good camera does not equal to amazing photography skills. Capturing the perfect shots requires a little bit of perfection and struggle. Developing the skills to capture amazing shots does not happen overnight. Photography needs practice and patience. If you are relatively new to photography or want to develop your skills as a photographer – you need to make a certain number of changes to your photography style. There are different types of photography styles that you can explore with. Some styles include – food, architecture, nature, still, street and much more. Take a look at some simple steps that will help your creative juices flow to become a better photographer.

Explore Different Angles

If you are relatively new to photography, then there are high chances that you must find yourself capturing the different number of shots with different subjects at a go. You might feel the need to capture a picture of everything that looks remotely interesting to you. This is where you will need to make a change. In order to improve your photography skills, capture pictures of the same subject every day. This will help you understand and improve a lot of aspects. For example, by using the same subject every day – you will learn to explore different angles and how lighting conditions play a major role in each picture. Once you get a hang of how angles, weather and lighting conditions affect your shots, you automatically learn to overcome these hinders to capture perfect shots.

Find Inspiration

Thinking outside the box is a major aspect to grow as a photographer. You need to be able to find inspiration even in places that might look uninteresting to the normal human eye. Find inspiration in the buildings or the street you walk by every day on your wake to work. It’s all about creating a unique shot with subjects and places you wouldn’t have considered previously. Make use of perspectives – move around a bit to capture different angles apart from what is already in front of you.

Use Light to your Advantage

The fact that light plays a major role in your shots is not hidden. Lighting conditions – artificial or natural have the ability to make or break your photograph. This makes it extremely vital to understand how light can affect your shots. Apart from capturing clearer shots, light also adds details to every photograph. Light has the ability to enhance the atmosphere, mood and tone of the picture that you are trying to capture. Getting a hang of how to work with light will allow you to play with vibrancy and textures.

Minimum Number of Shots

There is a huge distinction when it comes to exploring different angles and capturing the same shot until it turns out to be perfect. Don’t overdo anything – keep your number of shots to a minimum. Clicking hundreds of shots of a single subject in one single angle till it turns out to be perfect is not the way to go about. This is sure to mess with your creativity. When you limit yourself to a particular number of shots, you will think about the composition, light, angle and exposure before you press click. This process will make sure that you avoid clicking pictures randomly without any consideration.

Choose a Colour

Pick a colour, any colour and stick to it no matter what. This gives way to your creative side to flow out. Picking a colour and capturing pictures that contain that particular are sure to inspire some creative shots. For instance, if you choose the colour blue, you can click pictures of the sky, water, textured walls, landscapes and much more. Picking a particular colour also allows you to explore with stand-alone objects and subjects. If you find your creativity building with this particular activity, then explore using different colours.


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