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Hair Transplant Procedure In London

Hair loss is a common problem for most people who seek for various ways to get their old look back. First, there is the normal hair loss whereby an individual loses hundreds of hair strands a day while there is the extreme loss of hair that requires the help of a professional to treat. Hair loss treatment methods are many depending on the nature and extent of hair loss as well as the most suitable method for you. Hair transplant London offers you a safe, healthy, effective and affordable method to not only treat, but also stop hair loss and fill in the thinning areas for a perfect hairline and to cover the bald areas.

Hair Loss Treatment For men

Baldness in men is sometimes caused by Dihdrotesterone, DHT, a male hormone that all men produce, but it affects them differently. The baldness can also be genetic, or mechanical resulting from the use of certain products that contain chemicals that damage the hair. To some the loss is mild and receding while some may become totally bald if medical attention is not sought promptly. The first step of the treatment process would be to stop the treatment if it the most suitable option for you. Getting the hair back is the next step and hair transplant is the only method that guarantees certainty. Currently hair transplant is the most common cosmetic procedure performed with over 300,000 procedures performed each year. The Vinci Hair Transplant procedure offers a perfect and natural way for you to transfer some of your existing hair from the richer regions to the areas that need transplantation.


Your hair can then be styled and shaved in the way that you see best for a natural, masculine look. If you prefer the non surgical method for men, the SMP, Scalp Micro Pigmentation technique offers you a great solution for for a short-shaved hair without the need for surgery.

Hair Loss Treatment For Women

The causes of hair loss in women are different from those in men. Most women are not aware that women can also experience baldness just like men until they personally experience it. The hair loss can be temporary or permanent, although it still depends on the genetic patterns of an individual. However, as much as these causes vary, the hair transplant procedures for both men and women are pretty much the same. The transplant procedure is performed by a Vinci hair transplant specialist who is a surgeon with years of experience in this field. Diagnosing the problem in women can be a bit difficult since it is the whole scalp area that experiences thinning. Whether the loss is mild, moderate or extensive, the transplant can be done successfully for a beautiful natural look.


Unlike the other hair loss treatment procedures, a hair transplant takes a short time to heal and you can get back to your normal daily routine as soon as possible. The FUT hair transplant procedure leaves a scar, although it will not be seen as soon as the hair starts to grow in. If you want a scar free procedure, then the FUE hair transplant procedure is the best option. Provided you don't take part in strenuous activities and you sleep in the right position, the healing will be hasty.

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