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Graduation Gift Ideas

shutterstock_179686352Congratulations are in order! Your loved one has come to the end of their university experience and is about to graduate. Many will want to mark this occasion by giving their loved one a gift. If you want to give them something that they will treasure and can keep forever to remember this special occasion, take a look at the list below.

Photoshoot Experience
A photo experience is a great way to mark the event. If your friend or family member has bought their graduation gown, they could put it back on and take some creative pictures in their own personal photo shoot, or ask their class mates to come along, too. Venture Studios have some great group options that you could purchase that will be the ideal gift for your loved one. They may even decide that they don't want to have a photo shoot in their gowns and they'd rather mark the occasion for being all grown up - they could wear smart attire symbolising they are going into the big wide world of work.


Engraved Necklace
Perfect for a daughter or girlfriend, an engraved necklace is a personal item that can be treasured forever. You could have the year they graduated, what university they graduated from and their name engraved onto it. They will love wearing it as it is something to be proud of and is also a fashionable item.

Personalised Frame for Certificate
Once a student has graduated they get a lovely shiny certificate and they are likely to want to show it off by hanging it up in their home. It is a useful present that they are sure to love. There are even frames you can get where you get their names, graduation date and university engraved onto them. Personal touches always make the gift even better. You could be as imaginative as you want with a photo frame, there are even such things as graduation cap memory boxes with room to fit a photo on top.

Graduation Gift Ideas

What is a celebration without champagne? A boring one! Champagne will start off their special day on the right foot, as long as they don't get drunk before they go to their graduation ceremony. You can order champagne online with personalised badges on the front. You can probably see a pattern here - personalised, personalised, personalised. Personalised items make your loved one feel special and they show you've gone to a great effort to get them something that they will love.

Sweet Hamper
If your loved one has a sweet tooth, this idea is sure to be their favourite gift at graduation. Sweet hampers are basically a hamper full of popular, delicious sweets; you can find lots of these online and find one that is perfect for what you're after. Just make sure they don't have too many before their graduation ceremony as they may end up being a bit too hyper which will probably mean they will get on your nerves on the drive down to the event.

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