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Got hit by a semi-truck? Who will pay your medical bills?

Got hit by a semi-truck

Medical bills- probably a considerable amount that often becomes the mandatory part of the expense you have to deal after a massive semi-truck accident. If you are not at fault, why would you pay them yourself? Afterall, you have already suffered a lot; maybe you have lost your family member’s life and properties. You may end up in the hospital for the severe injury that may further to life-long impairment and loss of working capacity.

It’s just not fair if the victim has to pay medical expenses. If the driver of the truck is guilty, he/she is responsible for paying for the medical care. The truck driver is covered by the insurance agency of the trucking company.

The insurance company and the trucking company will not pay your bills quickly. They will pay them as a result of the judge’s verdict and settlement. Sometimes, it is observed that the victims haven’t got the payment after years have gone.

The FMCSA or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has provided an average breakdown of costs results from the life-altering truck accident:

  • Basic property and health damage: Approximately $334,892
  • Semi-truck wrecks leading to mortality: Approximately $7.2 million
  • Semi-truck pulling various trailers: Approximately $1.2 million

The price will differ with the variations of damages like mechanical defects or speeding truck, injury types like permanent disability, post operation trauma, loss of working capacity, etc.

It is to think: What options can a crash victim avail to pay the medical bills?

First, let’s discuss your own health insurance:

People usually buy health insurance for protecting self from the mountainous medical bills. Most of the health insurance policies are needed to pay for your medical treatment and care notwithstanding if a crash was the injury’s prime reason. After arrival at the doctor’s clinic and hospital, you have to present the medical card and have it entirely billed by the health insurance agency.

Coverage of medical payment:

If a reckless semi-truck driver injures you, use your medical bills via a policy of the automobile insurance. If you own Medpay coverage, the insurance organization will pay the medical expenditure. It will be based on the limits of the Medpay coverage.

What is Medpay coverage?

It helps the injured person pay the entire or partial medical bills. Especially, if the person’s medical bills are still coming in and he/she has not being permitted to join work.

You may think that you will never require any medical insurance, but who can say you might fall victim to semi-truck crash and require financial protection. Thus, medical payment coverage or health insurance is an absolute necessity.

Given any kind of damage caused by the semi-truck wreck, you have to present evidence for valuing your damages to the court and the insurance company.

The proofs for valuing your damages:

  • Receipts for rehabilitation treatments, doctor’s prescription, associated medical devices, surgery bills, etc.
  • Copies of all the medical bills
  • Testimony rendered by the medical experts about the medical needs that you may need in future
  • The legal practitioner dealing with the truck wreck will skillfully identify the exact evidence types for your lawsuit.

What are the health care expenses that are covered by the medical costs?

Your lawyer will fight for your apt compensation. The following costs involved are:

  • Surgeries
  • Hospital Stays
  • Medical test
  • Doctor’s visits and the bills
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Prosthetic limbs, wheelchair, crutches and other assistive medical devices
  • The compensation adds any expense that is associated with the treatment, diagnosis, injury cure, etc.

If you somehow lack medical or health insurance, you can still get the required medical treatment while hoping for the compensation from the truckers. The semi-truck wreck attorney you hired will have to make arrangements with the medical givers with the agreement that they will be paid after you receive the compensation as the result of the lawsuit. The law firms also take the responsibility to find you the right medical providers who can accept the lien against the eventual settlement as the treatment’s payment. The agreement is known as “letter of protection.”

Make sure to avoid any kind of notation in your specific medical records that the legal practitioner remitted you to the medical provider or doctor. The insurers of the trucking agency will make use of the information for calling into question your injuries and the associated injuries’ legitimacy. Certain law firms try to restrict them to do it.

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