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Good Sleep & Productivity: The Latest Insights from Somtex

ewqrMost of us look forward to our lunch hour at work.

There’s nothing like that feeling of heading out the door to grab a quick bite with co-workers, or maybe to drive home and eat lunch with your family.

Of course, the downside to our lunch break is that, once 1 or 2 p.m. rolls around, we fall into a deep haze of exhaustion and sleepiness.

Now, most of us will try and remedy this lull with some coffee or an energy drink. However, research tells us this midday slump has less to do with the beverage we use to rescue ourselves and more to do with how much sleep we’re getting.

Thankfully, Somtex, a new mattress company offering the latest in sleep technology, is helping remedy our penchant for sleeping less.

Setting the Baseline for Sleep

Over the past few years, blogs and websites have woken up to a new trend that says human adults don’t actually need eight hours of sleep to perform well during the day.

Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. While there have been minor adjustments to estimations of how much we need to sleep, the National Sleep Foundation says adults need a solid seven to nine hours of sleep. The Foundation’s Sleep in America Poll®, published in March 2011, established that 60 percent of Americans experience a sleep problem every night or almost every night. In September 2015, the Center for Disease Control declared insufficient sleep a public health problem.

That’s right – if you aren’t getting seven to nine hours of sleep, you’re going to suffer, no matter what your favorite blog says.

But the real question is this affecting our work? That’s something Somtex asked themselves as they developed their multi-function foam mattresses. They saw the statistics on the sleep-work correlation and they knew something had to change.

Absenteeism, Accidents and Impairments

So, let’s get back to that work scenario – the one where you’re exhausted in the hours after lunch.

The National Sleep Foundation says you’re suffering from sleep deprivation, and the quality of your work will decline because of it.

A team of six different scientists found that sleep deprivation – getting less than seven hours on a regular basis – hampers our productivity and can even be dangerous to our health.

“Chronic sleep deprivation is common among workers, and has been associated with negative work outcomes,” a summary of the study said, “including absenteeism and occupational accidents.”

The study went on to say that, the more hours we work, the fewer hours we sleep.

“Shorter sleep times were associated with more work impairments,” the study said.

A New Mattress to the Rescue: Somtex

Somtex knew the perils of sleep deprivation – it chisels away at your health and erodes your work productivity.

So, they set out to create a mattress that covered all the slumber bases, so to speak: support, temperature and feel.

Somtex mattresses use something called SplitCell, a mattress design concept that fosters good sleep through industry-leading support.

This comprehensive support solution is key, says Sleep.org. Most people sleep in one of four positions, which means a mattress has to be capable of accommodating multiple body positions.

Fortunately, Somtex uses a multi-layer memory foam design to keep every sleeper happy. Their hex-cell top layer provides a gentle feel, while its middle and base layers coax your body into relaxation.

All of these factors contribute to sound, restful sleep. Somtex may not be able to put together your next proposal, but their mattresses will give you the rest and energy you need to nail the presentation.

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