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Games That Pay Real Money | Play Games for Free Cash

Do you have an intense passion for gaming? If so, you can start earning real money. Surprised! Yes, you have read it right. Actually, there are several online games that pay real money.

These gaming apps are quite convenient and are available for both Android and iOS devices. Whether you’re a pro gamer or just a newbie, there are plenty of money-making games available online.

The best part is that these games pay their users via popular modes of payment, including PayPal, gift cards, Visa Prepaid Cards, and Checks.

So, if you’re too wondering to put your passion for gaming into earning, here’s a list of a few game apps that pay you real money. So, let’s start now!

10 Best Games That Pay Real Money:

Today, there are countless ways through which you can earn online, with games being the most popular one. In order to play games for free cash, you’ll need to find a suitable and legitimate gaming app.

Here’s a list of the 10 best games that pay real money:


You can win real money on FreeCash.com. FreeCash provides amongst the easiest user experiences out there, and its catalogue of special sponsors offers many ways for you to start earning immediately.

Dominoes Gold:

Dominoes Gold is another classic game that can be played for real money. In addition, you can participate in daily tournaments for a chance to win cash prizes.

Before starting, you may practice your abilities by playing free games against your opponent. The individual who scores the most points is the winner.

You can compete in live tournaments against other players once you’re ready to switch to a real account. The payout options include PayPal cash, gift cards, products, and prizes.

Bingo Clash:

Consider Bingo Clash as an alternative to Blackout Bingo. Bingo Clash is an app for Android and iOS smartphones that allows you to play against other people in a 1-on-1 game or join a tournament where you fight against others in a bracket-style competition.

There are several prize pools to participate in, and there are no advertisements to distract you. In addition, there are always free bingo games available to play at any time.

You may either withdraw your money via PayPal or compete for big prizes. Finally, by signing in every day and engaging in in-game activities, you can get tickets that can be utilized to play other skill-based bingo games.

Solitaire Cube:

Solitaire Cube is a fast-paced Solitaire game in which each round takes only a few minutes to complete. Additionally, Individual tournaments or multiplayer tournaments are available.

Tournament registrations start at $1; however, bigger buy-ins are required for higher rewards. In addition, you can win cash or products in exchange for your prize.

Practice rounds are completely free and can be a fantastic way to learn the rules while still having fun if you don’t want to put in any money.

Second Life:

It is one of the biggest metaverse gaming apps through which you can earn real money. All because of its features and user interface, Second Life is one of the few best games that pay real money.

The game let you create your own world. After signing in, you can choose and customize your virtual avatar.

You can make money by creating and selling items on the game’s marketplace. You’ll get paid via the platform’s native currency Linden Dollars, which can be converted into USD.


Givling is a trivia game that lets its users earn real money by playing trivia games or daily games. To play this game, you’ll need to join a 3-person team. Then, you’ll have to answer the questions until the round end.

Alternatively, you can play daily games on this app, in which you’ll get queue points. While playing this game, you will have to watch ads.


Launched in 2014, Lucktastic is one of the most popular games that pay real money. The app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS smartphones.

In addition, the app also gives you a free sign-up bonus. The withdrawal process of this app is also hassle-free and quick.

In addition, this app offers lottery-style contests. Alternatively, you can watch the sponsor’s videos to earn extra points.

21 Blitz:

The gaming platform offers both paid and free blackjack and solitaire games. In addition, it offers to participate in tournaments and head-to-head competitions.

The best part is you can win real cash prizes here. Additionally, you can also win rewards through the loyalty program. The game is perfect for sharpening your card game skills.

Brain Battle:

The game is free for all users. All you need to do is sign up and start earning real money with this app. As you play games, you will get tickets.

The more tickets you earn, the more are the chances of your winnings. The app is available on both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Pool Payday:

If you are a fan of the pool games, you can try your hand at this game and can earn real money. It is one of the best games that pay real money.

You can enter any cash contest without depositing any money. The payout options available on the app include Apple Pay, Paypal, and other popular e-wallets.

The Bottom Line:

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, then read out this article as we have listed the top 10 best games that pay real money to their users. All you have to do is just play games for free cash.

If you’re still playing games on those old platforms, trust us, you’re wasting both your time and skills.

If you have any questions, please ask below!