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Gain Height Instantly and Walk with Confidence

careerOnce the average person stops growing, usually by the mid-to-late teens, there is no physical way to lengthen the frame of the body. We reach our maximum growth and stop. If we are shorter than average, besides being physically unable to reach things without help, many of us also have to deal with being called diminutive names. That contributes to a feeling of inadequacy and almost inevitably damages self esteem because it contributes to the way we carry ourselves.

It's commonly known that being taller is a career advantage. This is backed up by studies that indicate that taller people get preferential treatment when it comes to promotions and raises. They are respected more, looked up to, and seen as competent and capable people. Taller people are often sought out in social settings because they have more visibility and are seen as attractive. We all know that if we look good, we feel good, even though we can't be aware of what exactly makes that crucial difference. Sometimes, buying a product that physically changes something about the body, like Add Height insoles, can create an important inner change as well. Perhaps the reason that people are more likely to exude confidence when they are taller than average has to do with this sort of psychological transformation. The simple feeling of being stronger, more fit, leaner, or generally better proportioned can turn a mediocre day into something great.

We want people to look up to us because it gives us an advantage when they do so, and while one way to get at this is to wear high heels, another much more comfortable option comes in the form of insoles from a company such as Add Height, which go inside your regular shoes. So many women suffer from back problems because it is seen to put professionals and those who work in businesses at a disadvantage when they choose not to wear heels. Instead of dealing with such issues, you can lengthen your figure and appear taller while avoiding aches and pains.

Many people, especially men, try out wearing special platform shoes or shoes with some built in lift, but this can quickly become expensive when they need shoes that match each setting and occasion. Memory foam insoles that add height and can be moved from shoe to shoe can be a long-term solution for both men and women—as long as they are made to provide stability and balance, the way Add Height products are. Be sure to avoid the type of removable insoles fashioned out of rigid plastic covered with a layer of memory foam. These can actually create more problems than they might help you avoid.

An ideal insole will have a thick layer of quality memory foam to cradle the heel. Many knockoffs feature a mock foam that feels comfortable at first but compresses easily, so that it ends up giving you much less height than promised after a few weeks of wear. A quality heel insole will also have the kind of gel support that absorbs shock with every step, so that the arch of the foot does not suffer from prolonged and repeated impact with the ground. This sort of well-made product is both practical, because it can be moved from shoe to shoe, and cost-effective, because it will last longer than its cheaper counterparts.

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