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G-String - The Undergarment of Modern Women

G-strings have long since evolved from being a subtle sexual innuendo to now being a necessary undergarment. Ladies, and yes in some cases gentlemen too, should have one or two in their wardrobe ready. So without further ado, here are some tips you can refer to when you buy one (or two, or three).


How and where to buy a G-string

These days, you can find and buy anything online. G-strings are one of them. On the other hand, G-strings can also be bought from fashion stores, boutiques and your local department stores. There is a wide variety of design and color that would match your skin tone and taste perfectly.

Branded G-strings & the original pearl thong, are designer labels for undergarments that are not only in a fashionable sense, but could also make you feel comfortable and confident on the outside and on the inside, if you know what we mean.

When buying a G-string, here are some things to consider:

  • Getting the right fit. Knowing the right size for you is not really hard. The size of the regular panties that you use is usually the same with the G-string variety.
  • Know the materials used. While some of our regular panties use spandex or Lycra materials, G-strings sometimes use looser fabrics. It would be best for you to seek the assistance of the store's salesperson, or if purchasing online, to ask the online support for these details so you can adjust your size and selection, too.
  • The design and color. Some women and men are particular with the color of their undergarments going with the color of their shoes, dress, pants or bags. This is why it is ideal to buy different colors and designs. Mix up your G-string collection with different patterns, designs and materials.
  • What G-string goes with what outfit. When buying a G-string, visualize on how it would look when you wear it with the clothes that you target to wear so you would choose the kind that would look best in your outfit.

G-strings in modern times

Unlike before when G-strings are worn by exotic dancers or liberated men and women, nowadays they are considered a necessary part of your regular wardrobe. In India you can buy G-string online from PrivyPleasures.

Today's fashion has evolved a lot that even the tiniest and most unseen details are now involved. Literally hundreds of fashion garments with different innovations and designs to match today's fast pace of modernization - low waist jeans, light fabric clothing, dresses and much, much more - to dress up also means to dress up down there. From questions of "How do I look in this dress?" to "Does my shoe go with my purse choice?" and now the question "Am I showing a panty line?" is also being asked by women and men alike every day, as they look at the mirror before going out. In that sense, G-strings have become another pillar in the fashion world.

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