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Fun Things to Do in Your Christmas Holidays

There is a glorious time of year that rolls around once a year - much as we wish it came around more than once a year - and it's your Christmas holidays. If you're in school you get a huge holiday (around 8 to ten weeks) in which you can do anything you please. If you're like most kids you'll spend the first few weeks recovering from the school year and just vegging out in front of the TV or something, but then in the next few weeks you need to get a little bit creative in order to spend the time wisely.

If you're a grown up adult you might still be lucky enough to get a couple of week's holiday if you've saved them up - so regardless of whether you're a kid or adult, this is a list of some things you can do in your Christmas Holidays. Spend and plan your time wisely and you'll find that you'll always have something fun to do!

Christmas holidays

Item Number One: Create A World Out Of Cardboard Boxes

If you are lucky enough to live near a recycling plant you are going to be spoilt for choice here. The only materials needed to entertain you for at least a few days are a plethora of boxes and some masking tape. If you want to get extra crazy you can cut windows and doors out of the boxes. Bonus points if you manage to replicate something like the layout of the Louvre with cardboard boxes. Invite all of your friends over and challenge them to create a better box world than yours.

Item Number Two: Invent A New Language And Try To Teach It To Your Friends

Ever heard of pidgin English? It's a thing! It's basically a conglomerate of languages fused together with basic syntax. You can do the same sort of thing - all you need to do is to write down your language and then force it on your friends! It can be a mix of sounds, clicks and actual phonemes, and you can get as crazy as you want - after all, it's your language!

Item Number Three: Write And Produce A Mixtape

If you have access to a Macbook then guess what? You have access to GarageBand which basically means you're already Diplo. Get a good mate who has a good ear for music around and then compile some music and tunes. Sing, warble, hum and rap over the top of whatever sick beats you manage to produce and then play around with the reverb until it sounds awesome. Unleash the epicness on all of your mates with a DJ mix party in your backyard or the local abandoned lot.

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Item Number Four: Take Up Bodybuilding and Enter A Competition

This one is not for the faint of heart - it requires a lot of dieting and a lot of weightlifting. You can also shop for bodybuilding supplements from Supps R Us and hasten the process of becoming an awesome and world class bodybuilder. Just imagine Arnie is your inspiration and go from there. Bonus workout tips include lifting shopping trolleys above your head, and living on a diet comprising pretty much just tofu steaks and lots and lots of spinach. You'll find that while your muscle mass will increase exponentially; you may become slightly irritated from living only on carbs without any delicious toast for breakfast. This lifestyle may not be sustainable once you go back to work or school as well, so make sure you prepare for that. Bodybuilding is a great choice for people who probably don't have to do much else with their day, to be honest.

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