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Five Ways To Make Green Tea Taste Better

fregThough green tea is a great beverage to have for improved health and weight reduction, many people are not able to have the required three to four cups a day because of the bitter taste. Then there are also people who have become used to the flavor but would opt for a better tasting version of the tea if it was available.

If you are either one of the two cases and are thinking of never drinking that dishwater-like pale liquid again - which by the way could help you in reducing your cholesterol, improving heart condition, getting rid of untimely wrinkles, and lowering stress levels - don't take that oath unless you have read the following tips.

  1. Use loose tea: Tea in bags does not get enough space to circulate and release its flavor. So, try brewing some loose tea or buy pyramid tea bags that offer the optimum shape for the leaves to reach their full taste.

  2. Make sure the tea is fresh: Too old tea will have a bitter, nasty flavor. Check the manufacturing date. If it has been more than a year ago, the taste would tend to be more on the bitter side.

  3. Try different blends: Another good way to consume green tea is to drink it as part of a blend. For example, the Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea offered by the Madhu Jayanti Jay Tea brand gives you the benefits of not only green tea but honey, lemon, and ginseng as well.

  4. Add condiments: A few drops of milk, a dash of honey, half a teaspoon of vanilla essence or pomegranate juice or a few fresh mint leaves can be added to turn around the flavor.

  5. Explore other forms of consuming green tea: Having green tea does not always have to be through drinking it like tea. How about adding the leaves to a vegetable smoothie or fruit shakes?

Green teas own their peculiar taste to not being fermented, but steamed and dried. With this process, the same camellia sinensis plants that are used to make black tea get transformed into green teas. The taste of green tea also depends a lot on how it is brewed. Make it too strong and the taste might be out of your capacity to be consumed, make it too light and you lose out on the nutrients that are released at higher temperatures. The optimum way is to add the tea leaves just before the water starts boiling and then let it steep for about three minutes. Delicate green teas might require just 30 seconds.

The idea of a perfect cup of tea varies from person to person. And that's why everyone needs to find out for themselves what suites their palate. We would love to know if any of the tips mentioned above worked out for you. Share your experience in the comments section.

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