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Five Topics of Interest When Creating a Personal Finance Blog

The goal of becoming financially independent or debt-free is something everyone would like to accomplish. At the same time, millions of people are searching online for new solutions and ways to get out of debt every day. One of the most common resources for such information is through blogs and resource sites created by people who have actually documented themselves going through the process.

The benefit here has been two-fold.

The individual who created such a resource site is now providing value to new audiences around the world, and they are also potentially making money from their content as well. To learn more about how site owners and bloggers are making money through their sites, you can read this resource here.

Instead of focusing this article on how to make money with a financial website or blog, I would instead like to focus it on how to create content for these audiences and niching down your content to specific needs and search phrases.

Businessman feels difference between large and small money

Below I have listed five of the most sought-after questions and topics individuals are looking for when it comes to taking control over their finances and getting out of debt.

Credit Card Comparisons - One of the most common leading factors of being is debt is the use of credit cards. Once you are heavily in debt with a credit card, it may seem like the compounding interest will never go away. The good news is that there are many different credit cards to choose from, which may lead to interest-free offers for new card holders and even the ability to transfer balances to a lower interest card. With so much focus on credit cards these days, there is a whole world of content that can be created around such topics.

How to Borrow Against a 401k-With such a high unemployment rate and more seniors having less retirement than expected, a common search is for borrowing from your 401k. While it’s not one of the most recommended means of gaining access to money (because of early takeout fees), it is ultimately an option for those who are in need of money fast.

Best Ways to Payoff Student Debt-Student debt is one of the most common reasons for longterm debt. Not only are students coming out of school with five of even six-figures in school loans, they are also getting further in debt through the interest that just accumulates as the loans are being paid down. There are many services and government funding programs in place to help with student debt, so providing any reliable sources of information in such areas would greatly benefit the millions of people search for guidance on a daily basis. With student debt, the younger you are when you take control over the situation, the better off you will be.

Removing Credit Score Penalties-Your credit score is going to determine many of your financial decisions and costs moving forward. This includes your ability to lease or purchase a car, get a mortgage on a home and even when trying to apply for a loan at a bank. The higher your credit score, the more likely you are to get approved, and also save money in the process. Most credit card penalties will go away with time, however waiting 36-72 months or more for them to be removed is not the best option. Millions of people are searching for credit score help on a daily basis, what type of valuable information could you be providing for them?

How to Make Money on the Side-There are two ways to remove debt from your life… which is to either spend less money or to find new ways to make more of it. Most people have a problem with the concept of getting rid of their current lifestyle, so they would rather work more or find new ways to make money online. This could be anything from becoming an Uber driver in their spare time, to finding new opportunities online. Some opportunities even exist for those still in college. No matter how money is being made, people are always looking to take advantage of it.

Financial based websites and blogs are getting accessed billions of times daily. Each of them with their own information, guidance and monetization as well. As long as people continue to have financial questions and problems (which they always will), there is always going to be a need for more content in this space.

Create a website or blog of your own to provide guidance in any of these areas and you may soon find yourself with a popular and profitable resource of your own!

If you have any questions, please ask below!