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Five Crucial Guidelines to Renew Lost & Expired Passports

1416932_sign_trip__group_ticket_and_passport_holidays_abroad"The renewal procedure defined below is for passports that were issued in the last 15 years whereas the applicant was above the age of 16"

Expired passport is nothing unusual. If it has been a while since your international travel, better check your passport before setting off as you might need a new one. To renew an expired passport is relatively easy today and in various cases, it can be done simply through mail. Now that you're finally planning a foreign trip while the passport is about to expire, here's how to get the document renewed quick and easy.

  1. Find the old/expired passport

Before the renewal process starts, you need to submit the old and expired passport along with the application at the concerned office. It'll be returned with the new one so you shouldn't be worried! If your passport hasn't been damaged, altered or mutilated so far, the renewal procedure can be carried through mail. Lest it's the other way around, you need to visit the local passport office personally.

If you've lost your old passport, additional affidavit must be submitted that should outline the reason; be it lost or stole and this is also done in person, no application will be entertained through mail in this particular scenario. In-case your name has been changed after marriage or for any other valid reason; you'll need to document that in the application as well to avoid rejection.

  1. Get the photos beforehand

Photographs are also mandatory and must be submitted along with the application form. Two copies of passport size photographs (2 by 2) are required that must be taken by a professional photographer in a studio with plain, blue background. Although you can have the shot taken at home, a studio is more preferred for perfection!

  1. Payment submission

Pay special attention to this as many applicants tend to make mistakes when payment is concerned! If you're submitting a cheque, make sure all the fields are filled properly with the applicant's name, address, amount and signature that must be the same as on application form. The other way is to draft a money order which will ensure prompt start of the renewal process. You can check the status online at state department's website as well as to confirm the current passport renewal fees.

  1. Precautionary measures are advised!

When submitting the application along with other essential requisites, better move through a proper and traceable channel for reliability. You don't want the documents to get lost along the way or fall into the wrong hands! Use sturdy packaging to protect the documents from damage. You may consult the passport office or concerned agent for specific packaging standards, if there are any.

  1. Be patient

Passport renewal may take four to six weeks with regular applications so you need to be patient. Lest you need it sooner for emergency purpose, extra fee for expedited service must be submitted and the process also requires personal visit to the agency within the timeframe.

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