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Finding Your Spirituality After A Tragic Event

prayerSometimes things in life happen that no one can understand. After those events occur, a person has to find a new approach to life. Everything you've ever known has been ripped out from beneath you and you don't know where to turn. When you are in your weakest valley, God can bring you to your most spiritual high.

#1. Talk to a Pastor

The last thing you want to do after a tragic event is speak to a pastor. However, getting some sort of spiritual guidance is a good idea at this point. If you've lost someone, been hurt deeply, or just don't know where to turn, a pastor can offer scripture and even prayer.

#2. Just Pray

When you do not know where else to turn, maybe it's time to go back to your spiritual roots and just pray. No one is asking you to be okay at this point, but praying can help you communicate your feelings to your creator. Prayer can help lead you to find your purpose in life after this tragic event.

#3. Ask for Healing

As a human, it is incredibly hard to face any kind of tragedy. Most of the time it's because there are no real answers here on earth. When you pray to Jesus and ask for healing, you are taking a huge step. No one can live and heal through a tragic event in life without holding on to some sort of hope. If you are not ready to pray, then it is okay to ask for thoughts and prayers from other people.

#4. Memorize Scripture

If you have already accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, then memorizing scripture may be a bit easier for you. However, those who are still searching for their spirituality may not understand the power of memorizing scripture.

Have a friend who is strong in their faith and know what they are talking about share some sort of scripture with you. When you memorize that scripture, your mind will become whole through the power of Jesus. After all, His words are full of purpose and hope.

#5. Give it Time

After a tragic event it is not common for everyone to lean on their faith. In fact, some people cling to their faith and others run away from it. If you are searching for the right answers and want your spiritual life to be okay again, it might not happen immediately. Time does heal, and with healing comes a softening of the heart. A softening of the heart means you may become open to the message of Jesus Christ. You might be scared of what that message entails, but it is a message of faith, hope, love, and a message of purpose for your life.


After a tragic event it may take some time for you to feel like praying or having a conversation with Jesus. But with a bit of prayer from yourself and others, God will begin to soften your heart, if you let him. Give it time, memorize scripture, and hold onto the promises of God. Soon enough, you will find that fire and passion burning in your soul spiritually.

Written by John Di Battista, an ordained evangelist who has traveled around the world preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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