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Finding the Right Platform to Enjoy Artistic Innovation with Acrylics

Developed in the 1940s and admired for its versatility and immediacy, acrylic paint has been prized by abstract expressionists and inquisitive art students. Today, thousands of people around the world use acrylic painting as a way to express themselves.

For those who are new to acrylic painting, finding the right platform and resources is key to straightening that learning curve. Here, we are going to take a quick look at the acrylic painting lessons and resources that you can use that can make all the difference as you embark on your artistic journey into the colorful and innovative world of acrylics.

Join a Community

It can be intimidating when you are just starting out with acrylics. However, with the right support, you can build your confidence levels along with your skills with acrylics. Luckily, there are online platforms, such as Acrylic University, where you can be part of a community of like-minded individuals all looking to achieve the same goal – to master the art of acrylic painting.

At the Acrylic University, Jed and Dianna have a combined painting experience of over 50 years, which puts them in the perfect position to share their expertise to help others recognize their artistic impression and reach their artistic goals.

Step-By-Step Curriculum

In a world of multi-tasking, where we send text messages while watching Netflix and check our emails while on the phone, experiencing the true pleasure of painting can be difficult (especially when your phone is constantly beeping). A step-by-step curriculum allows students to enter a state of what we like to call “Flow” – in other words, to be wholly engaged in one thing – painting.

Expert Acrylic Painting Instruction

Rather than wasting time watching some random painting video, look for expert instructors who have years of experience in acrylic painting. That’s because to get maximum results, you need to learn from the best. Both Jed and Diana, who are the founders of Acrylic University, are award-winning professional artists who specialize in acrylic instruction and can help you gain valuable insights and learn proven methods of acrylic painting.

Motivation & Support

Wouldn’t it be great to be part of a Worldwide Acrylic University Member Community? The Acrylic University has a thriving online community where you can get your daily dose of painting courage and learn new and exciting methods to expand your skills using acrylics.

Comprehensive Lessons

When learning acrylic painting, the lessons should be specially designed to help you get familiar with acrylic paints and techniques through experimentation and taking on a practical, hands-on approach.

Furthermore, all courses should be available online, where students can not only learn how to paint using acrylics but can also discuss, collaborate, and learn more about concepts and techniques. If you are fascinated by acrylic painting but are not sure how to capture what you see in a beautiful piece of art, then these courses are for you:

  • Premium Courses – Painting 101, Color 101, Design 101 & Plein Air 101 are designed for your growth and flourishing in art. The aim of these courses is to provide beginners with a solid footing by learning the intricacies of acrylic art.
  • Live Workshops –Live workshops are a great way to get some hands-on experience with acrylic art in a structured and supervised setting. Live online lessons follow a step-by-step structure that’s simple and detailed, making it perfect for beginners. Furthermore, lessons can be attended via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere.
  • Landscape Modules – What you get is focused, one-on-one instructions with expert insights so you can learn to paint: Trees, Atmosphere, Water, Pathways, Flowers, Clouds, Mountains, Nocturnes, Structures, Urban Scenes, Light, Snow, and just about anything using acrylics.

Learn Acrylic Painting Live with ‘Friday Night Live’

Friday Night Live Featuring Jed Dorsey will soon become the highlight of your week. Watch the master as he produces intrinsic works of acrylic art for your pleasure – live. Enjoy the behind-the-scenes vibe of a live painting session with Jed as he paints a new masterpiece each week, accompanied by casual banter with Acrylic University members and cursory background information on all things acrylic.

Each of these YouTube sessions is around an hour long, and at the end of the night, the painting that Jed creates is given away to one lucky Acrylic University member who is watching the stream. People from all over the world join in to watch Jed paint live, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to create, interact and learn (and get the opportunity to win an awesome painting).

Ending Note

The Acrylic University is a vision of Jed Dorsey and Dianna Shyne for people who are interested in learning acrylic painting fundamentals in a detailed and self-paced step-by-step process, perfect for beginners.

Here you will learn everything about acrylics, from how to apply a colored ground to choosing the right painting surface and everything in between.

Explore the world of acrylic painting with us at Acrylic University.

If you have any questions, please ask below!