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Family Outdoor Activities

It’s not just children that have become addicted to technology.47% of Americans claim to be “addicted” to their phones. Technology is necessary in today’s world, but it should not control us. Today, families spend time around television sets and communicate over phones or computers. It’s important to bond with the family without technology in the way. There are plenty of activities to do that don’t involve technology and encourage outdoor fun. Check out the fun activities you can do with your family this weekend!


Camping throws you into nature as you enjoy everything it has to offer. Of course, part of the fun of camping is trying to survive without the comforts of home. Camping requires patience and hard work. Your family will work together to set up a tent, fish, and gather around the campfire for warmth. It’s a bonding experience that involves leaving problems at home as you work together to enjoy nature. Nature improves health and can build a strong relationship with your family.

Rock Climbing

If you want something more adventurous, then rock climbing might be the answer, an excellent form of exercise that nature provides for free! Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an experienced rock climber to enjoy scaling some mountains. Start off on smaller mounts where no equipment is necessary. That way, the kids can enjoy a safe climb without the fear of a dangerous fall. Think of it as a steep hike. Of course, if the kids are older, signing up for outdoor rock climbing is great! The classes teach safety and proper equipment handling. Soon, the family can reach heights with amazing views over the horizon.


Do you need a middle ground between camping and rock climbing? Maybe camping is too boring for the little ones and rock climbing is too risky. Well, fishing is a great outdoor recreational activity that families can enjoy. Travel to your local fishing spot and teach the kids how to fish. Fishing is a game of patience, so the family may have to sit around for a while before catching a bite. If you are a novice at fishing you may want to enlist the help of a Port Jefferson fishing charter to show you the ropes and help you catch fish. But often times the best part about fishing is bonding with friends, family or nature as you wait for a bite.

Have Fun

No matter which outdoor activity your family decides, enjoy every moment. Outdoor activities are a way to bond with the family and build memories that will last a lifetime. So, put down the phone and book a trip to the great outdoors.

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