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Family Conflicts and Adjustment in College Students


One of the most important aspects to reduce family conflicts and improve social adjustments is to seek counselling. Students and family members are more likely to have a positive view about life when they are counselled. Essentially, counselling helps to improve the students' psychological wellbeing allowing them to cope with different situations.

Having a strong social support

Strong social support systems can buffer against the effects of family conflict and can help students as they are more psychologically prepared to deal with issues surrounding the sources of conflict. In order to have strong social support systems, students need to rely on their friends and relatives, where relationships should be based on mutual trust to minimize the level of conflict in these relationships.


Students with effective strategies are better placed to deal with family conflicts, since coping is associated with better psychological adjustment. The strategies are particularly helpful in instances where there is a strong social support, underlining the importance of different factors towards improving adjustments and reducing family conflict. Active coping strategies are better since, one is likely to seek social support and feel self-efficacy.

Change in the environment

According to essay writing help service, one of the overlooked factors in family conflicts is the role of the home environment as well as family support. Family conflicts are more likely to occur when there is low family support among family members. Through improved interaction between parents and college students it is possible to minimize the level of conflicts. However, the college students should not be the ones resolving conflicts as they are placed in an uncertain situation where they are likely to get stressed by the family situation. It is better for the family to get together and resolve the conflict away from familiar surroundings.

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