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What You Should Know about Hair Damage Compensation

image001Everyone visits the barber or the hairdresser several times a year - even more. And when we visit our barbers or hairdressers, we expect a certain kind of service to be done well, be it a simple haircut or a more complicated hair dyeing procedure. But what if you visit your beauty salon or barber with certain expectations and these are not fulfilled? Even worse, what if you visit these types of services and end up having to deal with hair damage or even injury?

The basics on hair damage

First of all, what exactly is hair damage? Simply put, hair damage is when you receive an injury in a barbershop or hair salon ranging from hair loss to a scalp injury and more. Other types of hair damage include bald patches, burns, dry or brittle hair, the development of dermatitis of the scalp (often due to an allergic reaction), and psychological or emotional injuries or trauma.

What you should know about compensation for hair damage

If you have suffered from hair damage due to an accident at the barbershop or hair salon or injuries due to the negligence of the salon or barbershop's staff, or even an assault from someone in the premises, leaving you with injuries to the scalp or bald patches, then you may be entitled to claim compensation. This type of compensation claim is referred to as a hair damage claim. The most common type of hair damage comes from the incompetence or negligence of a barber or hairdresser, such as the use of the wrong chemicals, equipment, and hair dyes which the client is allergic to.

Two types of claims compensation for hair damage

There are basically two different types of compensation you can receive with a claim for hair damage. The first is suffering and pain for the injury to your hair or scalp, and the second is financial expenses and losses related to the damage.

Compensation for suffering and pain

You are fully entitled to claim compensation for the suffering and pain caused by your injury. But in order to know how much you can claim, you would need to be examined by a medical specialist who will also assess your medical reports and records related to the injury. The medical specialist will then compile a report based on their examination and assessment, which includes the details of your injury and a future outlook for your hair or scalp.

Compensation for financial expenses and losses

When it comes to financial expenses and losses associated with your hair damage, these would include lost income, medical expenses for the treatment of your condition or injury, and the cost of travel to and from your GP or hospital. If you are working in a sector where your looks are of prime importance (if you are a model, for instance, or a flight attendant), then your loss of income can be significantly greater as well.

What to expect in compensation

If you have incurred temporary hair damage, you can claim anything between £1,000 and £5,000 or more. However, if the damage to your hair or scalp is deemed to be permanent, your compensation can range from £6,000 to £8,000.

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