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Ethical Diamonds – What Customers Need To Know?

Diamonds are such stones which have found a place in everyone’s heart. It might look like an ordinary stone but its value has no limits. Lucky are those who have the luxury to afford diamond solitaires as it is one of the most precious stones to ever exist on earth. Not many people know how to differentiate between a real diamond and a conflict-free ethical diamond.

That is why, one must know in details about the different kinds of diamonds available on the market and know how to judge their authenticity based on their shape, size, colour, lustre, etc. most of the people what ethical diamonds for making their engagement ring or other solitaires but they do not have any exact idea of what exactly an ethical diamond is or what defines an ethical diamond.

To make it precise, ethical diamonds are such form of diamonds which are free from any kind of conflicts and are extracted completely in an ethical way! When the mining practices are sustainable, safe, ethical, and sees more humanitarian efforts it is only then the diamond that is sourced from such mines are considered to be ethically sourced diamonds. We will discuss more on this below so that the diamond buyers get to know more on the same.

Why you must take ethical diamonds seriously?

In today’s time when illegality and competition are stiff in acquiring power and position in any field, taking note of the ones who take the legal course to acquire anything is well appreciated.

Similarly, when you ethically get to mine diamonds, it obviously makes a better impact on the diamond merchants and therefore you get teeter reputation in the market than those who rely on unethical demands of mining the diamonds.

Also, it is a purely humanitarian act to provide the diamond miners with whatever they deserve for the mammoth work they do in mining the diamond from the coalfields. It requires too much of hard work and sweat on the part of these miners who literally spend their lifetime in searching such precious stones and in return they do not even get half the due of their efforts.

So, it is very desirable that you buy diamonds only from those merchants where you get the ethically sourced diamonds as it is a mode of showing respect to the diamond miners who dedicate a lifetime of hardship in finding out these gems from the coalfield.

How to find out whether a diamond is ethically sourced or not?

In most cases, the ones that are ethically sourced are already certified during the extraction and refreshment process and thereon passed on to the merchants for further sales. But in cases where you do not find any such certifications, it is hard to judge the diamond as to whether or not it is ethically sourced.

As the diamonds reach you after going through many hands right after mining, it becomes very difficult to trace the origin of the diamonds. So, getting to the ethical sources may not always be possible for a commoner to judge its authenticity but there are some marks which one can follow to at least be a bit sure of the same.

Like whether the diamond is mined from a Canadian coal mine or whether the diamond is lab-created or not and some other such information which can help you judge its authenticity. But all in all, it’s better to only buy such diamonds which has the ethical diamond certification so that the chances of false observations remain low and you can invest in the actual ethical diamonds.

Final thoughts

Today, the diamond industry is not still perfect when it comes to taking care of the authenticity and purity of the stones. But it is slowly trying to get there where they can provide the buyers with 100 percent authentic and ethical sourced diamonds to prevent any kind of unauthentic dealings with them.

It is a fact that diamond mining needs too much of hard work in the part of the miners and all those who are associated with the diamond mining projects but we also can’t deny the fact that this hard work indeed pays off in the end when the valuable and costly diamonds are extracted from these mines.

But no matter what we must not forget that these workers are risking their lives for the merchants and thus, they deserve much more safety precautions and transparent mining strategies to work on the mines so that every possible care of their health and survival is well managed by the higher authorities.

And when they are paid their dues along with a safer environment to work only then can a diamond be called ethically sourced otherwise most practices are being carried out unethically since ages and must be stopped soon!


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