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Essentials you need to carry in your hand luggage

It's no secret that long haul flights are exhausting. Whether you are flying economy, business, or even on a more relaxing Chapman Freeborn private jet, long flights can be a test of endurance. There are some ways to make long haul flights more bearable however, if you plan well and carry the essentials in your hand luggage.

Eye mask

eye mask

As these are usually provided on all flights, it's easy to take eye masks for granted. Imagine sitting on a night flight and the lady sitting across from you in her first-class seat decides to turn on her reading light at 11pm. By taking a good quality eye-mask with you on a flight, this shouldn't be a problem and you will be grateful for getting a good night's sleep, feeling fresh and relaxed once you arrive at your destination. A recommend eye-mask is the Bamford Cashmere Eye Mask, made from 100% cashmere, it's so comfortable, you won't feel like you have it on.

Face wipes

face wipes

Nothing quite beats the feeling of washing your face during a flight and freshening up. On some flights without showers available and with liquids under 100ml forbidden, face wipes are an essential to carry on with you. They are lightweight, recyclable, easy to pack and very travel friendly. Advisable wipes to carry on a flight with you are the Mio Clean Slate Workout Wipes. These are jumbo sized, mint and cucumber scented wipes that have been described as ‘strong enough for under the arms but gentle enough for the face'.

Comfortable shoes and socks


When flying, people's feet tend to swell and it is advisable to get up and walk every now and then. Sitting with your feet on the floor whilst in mid-air for a long period causes blood to pool in your leg veins, and the position of your legs whilst you are seated also increases the pressure. Item m6 Socks were designed to reduce this swelling and are custom-made for flying. They have a compression which helps increase blood circulation. They have been designed in a way that means you won't end up with pressure points from the cuff after the flight and the material has bacteria-fending properties to keep feet fresh. Having loose, slipper-like shoes also means that although your feet will be swelling, you will still remain sitting in comfort.

Portable chargers

portable chargers

In today's modern world we are completely reliant on technology, particularly mobile phones. We are also all aware that the battery life of an iPhone will only get you so far on a long haul flight, and the thought of having to travel without battery to listen to your music or play games is unnerving. Until very recently, there wasn't a way to charge your phone on board a plane, however in some first-class cabins the option was there. Nowadays, many airlines have USB charging ports located at each seat; however it is still advisable to buy a portable phone charger or phone charging case. This will not only benefit you on the flight, but also during your trip. A good choice would be a charger in the Anker Portable Charger range, as depending on which one you get, they hold enough power to recharge an iPhone 7 times. It can also be used to charge iPads and tablets too.



On long flights, the air inside the cabins becomes very low in humidity. This causes your hair and skin to become very dry. It's important to remain hydrated, and to protect your skin and replace the lost moisture internally and externally. During the flight, be sure to apply moisturizer regularly to your hands and face to keep your skin healthy. The Malin + Goetz Essential Kit is perfect for this and is a popular choice among travellers. This kit comes with a Vitamin E face moisturiser and a body moisturiser that will ensure you don't come off the flight with parched skin.

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