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Essential Downloads for 2015

2015 is already here and we've crossed almost 6 months of this year. Now that most of us are squinting into the year ahead, we need to take a hand in working out all the things that lies in store for us in 2015. If you want to get a list of all the software and applications that you shouldn't miss downloading, here's help from us. Online Magazine Wiki will give you a clear list of the essential downloads that you should do in order to remain updated with the technological advancements in our country. Let's take a look at the names of the software and the reasons for downloading them.

  1. Windows 10: Yes, it is indeed true that 2015 will be the year of Windows 10! But why should you spend your time in waiting till October when it is possible to familiarise yourself with the updated software now? Microsoft has done its part of making the pre-releases available to the public and now you just have to sign up for the free Windows Insider program and then download and install the pre-release version of Windows 10. There you can explore the brand new features and get to know how it works.


  1. 3D Printing: During 2014, it was proved that the three-dimensional printers were not a matter of joke but in 2015 they are all set to hit the mainstream market as the prices are going to become more affordable. Once you purchase your three-dimensional printer, how will you start generating your 3D objects? Well, you can do so through the modelling and animation tool, called Blender. Creating your three-dimensional object with this tool is much easier than what you think.

3D Printing

  1. Secure Logon: Do you know that in 2015 it is possible to log on to your PC using your webcam and face recognizing technology? Apple started this with is fingerprint logon system for iPhones and iPads and they have allowed the users to log in to their machines without having to go through the fuss of remembering passwords. This trend is all set to continue as you can even log in to your PC by downloading and installing KeyLemon Basic.


  1. Cloud computing: Now you can back up data, access it and share it from any device. Cloud was also important and popular in 2014 and it will also remain so in 2015 too. Especially when it comes to putting your data at the tip of your fingers, cloud computing is very important. As far as choosing a cloud storage solution is concerned, Dropbox still occupies the top most position of the cloud-computing tree. Sharing folders and files is easy through Windows desktop client and you can access your personal data from myriad of mobile apps.


Hence, if you're a tech freak or a gizmo, you must be earnestly waiting to get a grip on the essential downloads of 2015. Take into account the above mentioned names of software and download them to remain updated.

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