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Ensure Ideal Business Expansion with Promotional Pens

In order to survive in this huge and competitive business world, you need to opt for effective advertising campaigns. A business card is no doubt an essential tool but there is no guarantee whether a client will actually utilize the card or not. As against this, when you give promotional pens to the clients, it is obvious that they will keep it in their pocket or purse. Even if they leave the pen somewhere, there is a possibility that someone will pick it up who might just be your potential customer.


The core function of such specialized pens is to attract attention of all types of clients. In a society, you will across people of all strata with different requirements. These personalized pens are perfect giveaways for varied types of people because you never know which person will come handy for your business. The name and logo of your company is printed onto the pens and you also get the option to print any additional information if necessary. This is the reason why these pens are now being known as customized pens.

Thanks to the online medium, you can now buy business pens the quickest and convenient manner. As soon as you log on to the online shop, you will be pampered with a number of options. Embedded with amazing colors and distinct styles, the custom pens are ultimate source for apt business promotion.

5 popular promotional pens available for sale online

  • Odyssey - Available in maroon, black, blue and green colors, this particular business pen is ideal for marketing varied kinds of fundraising campaign. It is an affordable comfort grip pen which is made up of stylish silver accents.
  • Noah- Such pens have gained immense popularity these days mainly due to its distinct and bright color combination.
  • Carnival - This particular collection of personalized pens has come about as an ideal business tool for small or start up businesses. The highlight is here is that these pens are priced at extremely reasonable price rates. Besides the cost effectiveness factor, you also get to choose from a variety of exciting colors.
  • Joyful- As the name suggests, these pens have broad width to fit in any awareness message and raise funds for noble causes. You can select from a vast range of color options that include lime green, purple, magenta, orange and all other related assorted colors.
  • Royalty- Featuring a comfortable black rubber grip, these pens is available in both matte and glossy finish. It is a black ink pen with color options that include black, blue, red and silver. Recently, golden colored royalty pens have also come up in the online market.

When you order business pens in bulk, you receive attractive benefits such as free shipping and free setup. Along with this, you can lay hands on best offers including the big online sale where you get to save huge amount of money. If by any chance, you are dissatisfied or confused regarding the pens, you get the choice to create your very own sample pack at an affordable rate.

PensXpress is an emerging and reputed company who specializes in promotional pens. You can visit the website to gain information about the products on offer and buy the ones that suit your particular business requirements.

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