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Enlighten Your Wedding Day with Wonder Lighting Ideas

Wedding Decoration Long IslandWedding decoration is incomplete without a perfect set of lighting system. Wedding lights play a significant role in changing the venue’s appearance and make it look more welcoming and beautiful. If you are planning for outdoor wedding celebration then you have to pay attention on the lighting decoration which should be friendly with evening shadows.

The guests will enjoy drink, dance and fun even after the sunset so you have to put efforts to make your wedding event special and happening.

Here we have discussed some wonderful event lighting ideas that will make your outdoor wedding lively and exciting even after the sun goes down.

  • Paper Lanterns

If you want to add playful lighting touch to your wedding decoration then paper lanterns are one of the perfect options for you. These beautiful paper lanterns are available in different sizes and shapes to provide very elegant and soft glow touch to wedding decoration. The best part is that it can be easily assembled and used for filling open ceiling space and other areas.

  • Bistro Lights

It is another wonderful addition that can be used for decorating outdoor wedding. These wedding and events lighting play well in illuminating the areas like large tables, dance floor or bar where guests spend their most of the time. The bistro lights will add bright energy in the ambiance that forces your guests to hit the dance floor.

  • Sparklers

This new lighting technique is trending as a fabulous accessory in wedding ceremonies. When the couples are preparing to enter into the new life of togetherness the guests will gather around them and light the sparklers. This amazing lighting idea will add romantic spark in the celebration and transform your wedding into a perfect picture.

  • Floating Lights

If there is any water body or pond in your outdoor wedding venue then floating lights are the wonderful idea to enlighten the areas. After sunset, floating lights like candles or orbs can be used in the pools and ponds to enhance the ambience the beauty with lights. You can also use floating flowers with lights to add romantic and soothing touch.

  • String Light

The string light will provide soft and twinkly lighting effects to your wedding night. These lights are used for decorating wedding arches and wrapping the banisters, open spaces and trees in the outdoor wedding venue.

All above wedding and events lighting ideas will surely enhance your wedding decoration with their glowing and attractive look. It doesn’t matter which type of venue you choose, these lighting ideas will surely suit your wedding theme and make the decoration stand out. You can also hire wedding planners who are well experienced in using different types of lighting systems to decorate each and every corner of wedding venue like entrance area, dance floor, cake, bar and buffet.

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