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Enjoy Reading a Printed Book

In today's technologically advanced world, the mobile phone, tablet and kindle are increasingly being used by most consumers to read books.

Yet there are those who are still nostalgic about the feel of an actual book and want to have their books in hard copy. If you are sentimental about books, you need not worry because book printing is still flourishing.


In case you are holding onto any soft copies of material, look for a good printer near you and get your photos, recipes and literature turned into a book.

Below are different types of books and why you should have them in print rather than soft copy:

Cook books

With the budding number of luxury restaurants and cooking shows on TV, gourmet eating is increasingly becoming a lifestyle for more people. However, because of busy schedules, they often find it difficult to sit in front of their computers and compile their favorite recipes. For this reason, cookbooks are a must have for modern living.

You can print your books for various reasons:

  • You may want to immortalize your grandma's favorite recipes.
  • You want to print for your business such as a bakery.
  • Maybe you simply want to print for a fundraising sale.
  • Print for sale in a bookstore.
  • For use in your home.

Children's Books

Imagine your favorite bedtime stories and how you enjoyed listening to them and looking at the pictures. Now imagine yourself reading the same story to your child in soft copy from your tablet.

Sure, the child may not know any different, but you do. You want to give your child the same pleasurable experience you had, of reading books that have popups and of enjoying the rough texture of pictures on your fingers.

Year book

If you show people your year book 15 years after high school, most of them might not recognize you in the pictures. That's the joy of a printed year book; it shows evolution of time and preserves the authenticity of a certain period in time.

Books preserve memories in a way technology cannot. Many years after you're gone, your great grandkids will be looking at your year book and marveling at how old it looks.

This would be different if your year book were to be preserved in soft copy.

Photo books

Photos tell a story about your life. Time passes so quickly and if you do not take photos, your past will be a blur. Photos allow you to keep special moments in your life alive such as:

  • The growth of your kids, their birthdays, first day of school, graduations.
  • Your wedding day, honeymoon and wedding anniversaries.

Print your photos and have them bound into a photobook then put them out in your living area for your family and friends to enjoy.

A photobook is a great conversation starter and is also a good way to reminisce.

Educational publications

Doing a master's thesis is a great milestone in your life. You may also have published an academic paper or some studies in your line of work. All these took energy and dedication and should be immortalized in a printed copy.

Whether you are printing for your home or office, text or art, a good printing service will turn your soft copies of work and pictures into enjoyable printed material. Remember to choose a good cover and strong binding to preserve your books better.

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