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Embarrassing Drivers Mistakes

erfgerfqeWith safe travels being a priority for many drivers, there’s a few important things many drivers often forget about that often result in some embarrassing moments. Thankfully, we’ve provided some excellent-and noteworthy-mistakes that drivers commonly make during a routine commute. With this being said, here’s a look at some of the most embarrassing common driver mistakes.

Missing A Gear – Missing a gear as you’re shifting to another not only makes an awful noise… but it can definitely take a toll on your gearbox as well. Since this regularly happens when one is trying to jump from one gear to another in a hurry, making sure you’re properly going from one gear to another can save your ears-and gearbox-a lot of trouble.

Leaving A Turn Signal On – In addition to being confusing for other drivers, leaving a turn signal on makes the driver look like a novice behind the wheel. Since turn signals come with noise inside of the vehicle… it causes surrounding drivers to have a facepalm moment as they question the status of your license.

Not Noticing That A Light Has Turned Green – Everybody makes this mistake, but everybody has their own reaction when the driver ahead of them doesn’t notice that the light has turned green. If you happen to do this during rush hour, you may be greeted with some explitives, horns, or bold inappropriate gestures.

Cutting Someone Off – Cutting someone off happens quite often, but the shame behind inadvertently cutting someone off is difficult to apologize for when the other driver’s face is boiling red with anger.

Stalling – Since this often happens when someone is driving a manual, be sure to watch for the bite point and keep your hands off your legs to avoid stalling.

Parallel Parking Conundrums – Parallel parking can be the weakness of many drivers, but some have no problem when performing this feat in three motions. Some people have a hard time parallel parking when people are looking, yet others are confident enough in their driving to care less about whatever the onlookers think.

Driving On The Wrong Side – Driving on the wrong side of the road is an extreme example of embarrassing driving situations, but it happens quite a lot for anyone used to traveling abroad. However, in situations where as a person is driving the wrong way on the highway… it can be downright terrifying.

Taking A Wrong Exit – Taking a wrong exit can easily make a heart stop in fear… which is in addition to adding more time to travel plans. Some wrongs turns are salvageable, but in a situation where you enter on the wrong side… it’s going to take some time to correct. In addition to this, authorities may have to get involved to help navigate the driver into the correct direction of traffic.

Rear-Ending At The Intersection – When pulling up slow to an intersection, many aren’t too gracious when it comes to predicting the distance between themselves and another vehicle. A slow crunch later, both cars suffer a small fender bender and have to report the matter to the police/insurance companies.

Tearing Off A Gas Nozzle – To avoid this humiliation, just pump the gas yourself. It happens all too often when someone drives off with a gas station’s gas pump hanging out of their gas tank.

Looking at the embarrassing moments many drivers face show that there’s a few things to consider when it comes to being behind the wheel… no matter how bizarre the ideas may sound. However, enrolling in an approved California Traffic School course will not only help you become a safer driver, but keep your driver’s license in good standing with the law. With a class looking great on any record, a registered driver course is well worth the generous amount of safety information it provides to the driver so you can avoid any possible mishaps or issues in the future.

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