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Effective Dust Control and Waste Water Elimination

DFGDFThere is a saying that what you do not know cannot kill you. This means that you can drink contaminated water and not fall ill as long as you do not know it is contaminated. Well unfortunately it does not work that way and if it does, now you know that dust particles can kill. People who work in areas that are frequented by heavy clouds of dust are prone to a myriad of respiratory problems. For instance people working in mines and processing plants.

Dust control is of great importance. Many are the theories that have been fabricated to discuss the best ways to control dust. Wet Earth has got it right. For many years, actually since time immemorial, people have been using water to reduce the amount of dust in an area. The water suppresses the amount of dust that rises up when you disturb it.

In mines, you have no choice but to disturb the dust and in most cases it rises in huge clouds. The Wet Earth dust control solutions operate on the simple principle of combining water droplets with dust particles. According to the dust control theory, the size of the dust particles is what really matters. If you can get water droplets the same size as a dust particle it will be so easy to control it.

Dust particles have a tendency of combining with water droplets. However, they tend to combine better if the particle is the same size as the droplet of water. The most destructive dust particles are those that you can barely see. A particle that is less than 10micron is even more destructive because it can get lodged into the lungs and thus causing the respiratory problems.

Controlling dust effectively

As such, Wet Earth offered amazing dust suppression options that involve producing mist (very tiny water droplets) that will combine with the dust. This is possible through the multitude of products that the company has on offer, for instance the fog cannon. This device is capable of producing large volumes of mist to contain the dust particles suspended in the air.

Aside from providing dust suppression solutions, the company also have amazing waste water evaporation systems that can be used to get rid of that water you do not need any more. Evaporation of water is a really good way of disposing of unwanted water. These evaporators from Wet Earth are going to get rid of that water pretty fast. The benefits of having a Wet Earth waste water spray system include:

  • Fully automated operation- no manual work when getting rid of water
  • Fully customizable
  • Easy to integrate with the systems at the mine
  • Can handle most types of water
  • Low operation and maintenance costs

Perhaps it will be good to close by mentioning the high quality nature of the environmental control systems that are offered by this company. If there is a place where you can access first-rate quality waste water evaporation solutions it must be at Wet Earth. Rest assured that you will get value for your money.

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