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Easy Tips to Avoid Diseases and to Stay Healthy

runners-635906_960_720Health is wealth. No matter how beautiful your house is or how rich you are, staying healthy is very important. Diseases are not uncommon in any household. One has to stay careful about the causes, effects and prevention methods of infectious diseases, especially when there are little children around. It’s not really fun to fall sick every now and then. It not only spoils your mood but also extracts all your energy and spirit. You shall no longer have a good appetite or interest in daily activities. Further, a prolonged illness can lead to several other disorders like insomnia, lack of immunity, irritation and mood swings. To prevent such unnecessary mess, you can take care of certain little things that can keep your family healthy. Here are some tips that might seem useful to you.

  1. Get vaccinated

One of the means to keep flu away is to go for the seasonal vaccination. Flu vaccine can prevent diseases to a great extent. Other than that, make sure that your little ones have all been vaccinated at proper ages with the proper vaccine. This is likely to have strong protection against infectious diseases in the long run.

  1. Wash your hands with soap

No matter how trivial it might sound, bacterial infection caused by germs reaching the body through hands is the most common form of germ transfer. It’s therefore very essential to wash your hands thoroughly with soap, both before and after eating. Since the children always imitate their parents, let them get into this same habit.

  1. Avoid close contact with people who are sick

We all have to go out and communicate with people around us. Adults go to their respective workplaces, children go to schools. It is quite natural that you can fall sick when you come in close contact with sick people. While at times, it is very difficult to figure out externally whether someone is sick, at other times, you can surely understand. When you do, try to avoid close contact or using his/her stuffs like handkerchief or drinking from the same bottle. Infection or contagious diseases can spread from one person to another. Also, when you yourself are suffering from such diseases, stay at home. Keep your distance from others to prevent them from falling sick. Cover your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing.

  1. Keep your body clean

To keep yourself clean, brush your teeth twice daily and take a proper shower each day. Daily shower helps to get rid of any hidden bacterial presence in our skin as well as eliminates ugly body odour. Washing hands, as mentioned above is the another way to maintain cleanliness since gastroenteritis and the common cold are contracted when our germ infested palm comes in contact with our mouth.

  1. Balanced diet

A balanced diet with proper distribution of nutrients is very important for all of us. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. Foods rich in carbohydrate and fibres are helpful for uninterrupted bowel movements. Certain vitamins fight against the damaging of body cells. Each person’s diet requirement is different from the other. Your health specialist can take care of that.

  1. Regular spray

To keep mosquitoes and other insects away, spray on a regular basis is necessary. Such spraying kills all kinds of insects and keeps your house corners safe from being their dwelling den.

  1. Clean water and utensils

Are you sure you are drinking bacteria and germ free, clean water? Try to get hold of a water purifier at your home which can filter water and make it absolutely safe for drinking. Also, keep your utensils at a protected place and do not forget to wash them before using them for eating or cooking.

  1. Change filters and furnace

You must change your AC-filters and furnace regularly. They keep dusts away and when you don’t change them for a long time, they fail to work effectively contributing to the accumulation of dust on your carpet. Carpets can be a happy den for moulds and bacteria when left unclean.

Be a little more aware about the spreading of diseases and you can surely take some measures to prevent them. Eat healthy foods. Drink lots of water. Stay safe, stay healthy.

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