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Drunk Driving Spikes During the Holidays [Infographic]

The legal limit for blood alcohol content, or BAC, is .08 or higher across the nation, with repercussions that include time behind bars, high legal costs and, most importantly, a high number of fatalities and injuries. While driving under the influence of alcohol is a danger at any time of the year, it is an especially common occurrence during the holiday season.

Christmas is one such holiday, with 39 percent of the fatalities occurring due to drunk driving. On average 140 fatalities occur during this time of year. Many of these are in the days leading up to Christmas day, likely resulting from vacation time as well as a jump in holiday celebrations. New Year's Eve and Day also average 140 fatalities with 42 percent of crash-related deaths due to driving under the influence.

If you are headed to a holiday event, keep yourself safe by deciding upon a designated driver beforehand, or opting to take a taxi or ride sharing service. Avoid being on the roads after your event by spending the night in a friend's home or at a nearby hotel. If you must be on the road in the days prior to or during a holiday, be well rested and allow adequate time to travel. Take note of any inclement weather and always don a seat belt. Learn more about staying safe this holiday season by clicking on the following infographic regarding the dangers of driving under the influence.


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