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Drone Racing League – The biggest Drone Racing League by Far!

Drones – Heard of them, right? Yes, those amazing quadcopters flying around making us wonder over the technological advancements that the world is witnessing!

There was enough of the craze for these drones themselves and gave a lot of our food for thought. Well, I must admit, I have always been curious about these gadgets.

Adding more to its features, drones have entered a number of fields like security, agriculture, photoshoots, etc. It has been making a buzz for the possibilities of package deliveries by various companies.

Latest in the list adds on to its racing genre. Yes, now you can actually witness these drones racing each other and not just via some kids doing so in their hobbies. This is happening for real in a professional Racing League.

The latest Talk of the Town – DRL i.e.Drone Racing Leagueis right here and hs created a lot of the buzz of late. It is a professional Racing League where only experienced FPV Pilots are chosen to participate. Everything about the event ahs been in news. Right from the customised drones they use to the kind of investments they have raised. Almost everything has been making an impact on Drone Enthusiasts.

ESPN has recently announced that they would telecast the whole of series for its viewers on TV. What better than that!

If you still do not know much about the DRL, here is an infographic presented byTDSto tell you about it. I am sure you’ll get the info required.

Meanwhile, Enjoy the Droning season!

Drone Racing League Infographic

by http://www.groundreport.com/

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