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Drayage Services: Defining the Delivery


  • Drayage is referred to as the service the service of delivering goods from one place to another over a short distance but for an overall longer procedure. The trucking companies have always been there providing the solution to complement the import and export procedures.
  • Drayage service essentially addresses to the needs of the business chains that produce for the masses. Paper, electronics, clothes and mail, are the common components among the deliverable goods for which the drayage services get employed.
  • The drayage industry is instrumental in delivering the consumers of these products over the nation. Shipments carrying the advanced technical gadgets, from a foreign company are received at the ports. Then the role of drayage comes into play. Trucks perform the Dray activities, taking the material to the respective locations in the warehouses or godowns.
  • Drayage services can be considered to be the bridge between the ocean to warehouses. Bringing the goods that have travelled in through the cargo, rail, air or the port terminal to the busy streets. These services are the pillar of the import and export business.
  • Drayage industry is a significant player in the transfer of market goods. The retailers dealing in large sales volume of the stock may not employ a courier service for the weekly stock. The weight of which can go up to thousands of tons.
  • Malls and the popular shopping streets are giants of retail sale. Stock maintenance is essential to their work. Hence, they employ drayage services to fill the weekly stock. These malls and retailers have a defined drayage area as the trucks carrying the stock can occupy a large area and disturb the pedestrian or the customer traffic.

If you are looking for an ideal drayage service provider, consider these points to make your decision.

  • Drayage activities are growing tremendously, and the number of companies providing the service is very limited compared to the demand. These companies are often overbooked. Customers seeking the service can take the option of booking through an agent or broker. This will give flexibility in terms of customizing the pickup and drop down time.
  • Chassis is an important part of the drayage service. Earlier ocean carrier provided the service. However, recent times have seen ocean carriers discontinuing chassis services that can be a headache.


  • Looking for chassis renting is a good option. A broker can give you detailed knowledge in the respect of unavailability of chassis and the performance of a company. The selection of a drayage company can make all the difference between assured delivery and delayed services.
  • Making the selection based on the goods that are to be transferred can help in an efficient transfer of goods.
  • The cost of the transfer of goods includes the port requirement and fees. This cost depends on and may differ for every port.

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