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Dos And Don’ts For Your Family Vacation

There is still plenty of time left for a family vacation. Even if you live somewhere where your kids have already gone back to school you still have weekends. Don’t let summer end without a trip away.

You can also go on a road trip during the fall. Keep reading to find out why you’d want to! Aside from wanting, and needing, a vacation, you also want to make sure that you aren’t wasting money on your trip.

family-vacationNothing ruins a nice vacation faster than running out of money before your days off run out. That is why it is important to know what to spend your money and what to pass on because it’s a bad investment (or a bad way to just throw money away).

Spending Time Riding Roller Coasters

Theme park vacations can be great fun for the entire family. if you wait until you are at the ticket booth to buy your tickets you are already wasting money. Look at sites like Groupon where you can get discounts on tickets so you can at least save a little something.

Discount cards and memberships, like AAA, can often cut you a deal on ticket prices and even on motel rooms. Make sure you put the whole family in one room. Siblings can easily crash in a bed together for one or two nights to save money on vacation.

Going in the fall may be a good choice too, as off season tickets can be discounted. Save money by eating before you get to the park, and buy souvenirs from the corner gas station. Don’t fall for carnival games which can end up costing you far more than your prize is worth.

A Beach Vacation

While the warm weather is still in the air make sure you get in some beach time. You can find budget beach vacation plans if you take some time to look around. If you have beach rentals in your own area you can save a little money by not needing to drive states away.

Again, rent one room for the whole family to save money. You don’t need to haul your own bought if you are going some distance, which can cost extra in gas. Instead, rent a boat or canoe. Many recreational facilities have boat rentals by the hour.

You can save money by renting a room with a kitchenette, and cook in instead of eating out every night. If you don’t have that luxury, stick to dollar menu items for some cash savings.

The Ultimate Road Trip

Road trips, with or without a particular destination, can be the ideal family vacation. You can even save money on your vacation on the road by financing a motorhome. Your monthly payments on your RV won’t be much more than a house or car payment, and you’ll no longer have to rent motel or hotel rooms.

Motorhomes are great for trips nearly all year. Hit the road to your favorite tourist traps all spring and summer, and go on a color change tour with your RV in the autumn. While tourist traps can be a bit costly, a color tour will cost you nothing but gas and your meals!

Make sure you map out your trip. This way you can determine exactly how many miles you have to go, and how much you’ll need to spend at your desired destinations. Stick to the plan and you’ll save money and be able to see everything you want to see.

Don’t let the ideal vacation weather pass you buy. Get out there and enjoy some time away without breaking the bank. Vacation doesn’t have to be costly, and you can easily take the whole family along without spending a thousand dollars.

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