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Different Types Of Traditional Photo Booths

Photo BoothWhether it’s a birthday party for children, or a party commemorating 18th birthday, or a grad party, or a wedding, or a corporate event or 65th retirement party, almost all types of event entertainment seems to fall short without the super stylish photo booths! You may not call them cheap to hire, of course; but the rat race in the business have given rise to an array of money saving packages for one and all, that include a wide array of props, themes, new age apps and what not!

Again, photo Booths come in so many types, shapes and sizes these days that you might find it difficult to choose from one type to the other! Mini Booths, Social Media Booths, mirror Booths, Open Booths, Novelty Booths; Enclosed Booths… the types are way too many to choose from. So if you are a first time hirer and find it way too confusing to choose one type from the other, then you might want to stick to the traditional types of booths only. Did you know that the conventional booths, which seem to be so oh-so-common on the surface, come in a striking variety, as well? Here’s lowdown on that…

Classic Photo Booth

This is the most popular types, which you often see in different parties and events. Classic booths are tall, come enclosed with privacy curtains and are available in various motifs and colour options. They can snugly accommodate up to 6-7 adults, thus being perfect for group photographs, as well.

Vintage Style Booths

Even a few years ago vintage booths were rarely given a thought of. But now, with the world giving their nod to everything good old, including dress-up, diet and more, it’s no wonder that booths coming with vintage flavour win the hearts of many in these days.

While a purely authentic vintage booth can be hard to find and quite expensive to rent, a number of operators have come up with the option of authentic looking vintage photo boothsafter employing their technological sense with creativity.

In most cases, they are made from high quality steel and imitate the basic look of an old school booth, including a vintage camera. However, inside, it comes with the latest technology, including that of a computer screen, options for instant social media sharing and the like. Also, the booth operators employ very high quality chemical ink processing machines that give very authentic vintage photo prints. To give the real feel, these booths come with everything that your mind could have conceived of- including a wooden camera box, artificial grass, red velvety ropes, black background and wooden tripods. Hiring them can be a bit expensive, for sure. But as you can assume, the extra payment will be worth every penny. Imagine what magic it will bring to a vintage style, rustic wedding or in a fine –dine party?

Retro Style Booths

Similar to its vintage predecessors in quite a ways, retro booths come with the style and smarts of the sweet sixties and seventies. These booths come with an internal screen, and contain latest components and digital printing technology to offer convincing photo prints. Retro booths are a huge hit in the photo booth industry and an economical substitute for their vintage counterparts. They can be a good option for re-union parties and grad parties, as well.

Remember while the classic booths are more for taking group shots, retro and vintage booths are all about highlighting individual facial expressions during the shot.

Modern Style Booths

They are light and demountable, hence can be conveniently carried to anywhere you want to install it and are primarily made from walls, curtains and panels. Unlike the other types of photo booths you have till now read about, modern booths do not have a sitting arrangement, which means you can ‘squeeze in’ as many guests as feasible. They can be tailored, hence being perfect for corporate product launch programs.

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