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Diep.io: Taking a Closer Look at what the App is about

The Poki market has been growing larger over the years and today the Diep.io app is making sure that the company stays on top. So far, end users are taking after the game app seriously and experts have begun touting that it could outdo both Agar.io and Slither.io sales tremendously. You can playAgar.io’s clone game on thePoki portal. So, let’s continue.

Easy to understand and play

One reason why the game will sell is because it is very easy to understand and handle. People playing it can use an easily acquired iOS app or their browser. Playing via a browser is simpler because the player does not need to download and install anything to do so. All he or she has to do is enter his or her name and the game app will start playing easily.

Simple rules

Not only is the Poki portal Diepo.io app simple to use, but the manufacturer makes the rules simple to understand as well. When playing the game, the player is given a floating target to shoot at. Each target carries a different color like yellow, red and blue. The blue targets carry the most points followed by the red and then the yellow. If using a desktop computer to play, a player is required to accumulate points by left clicking the mouse and hitting the targets.

Skills that a player can improve on to maximize points

For a player to rank at the top, he or she has to improve on eight skills to do so. These skills can be acquired over time or in just a short while, depending of course on how skillful the player is. The skills that each player is encouraged to develop are:

  • Reload
  • Movement speed
  • Health region
  • Body damage
  • Max health
  • Bullet penetration
  • Bullet speed
  • Bullet damage

Winning strategies

To keep winning, a player needs to concentrate on developing a powerful strategy that will put the ball in his or her court. So far, experts on the game are sending the message saying that players need to concentrate on two main strategies if they hope to beat the opponent. These two strategies are for them to shoot fast and ram into anything they see blocking their path.

  1. Firing fast

Firing fast will work to confuse the enemy and propel the player to a higher level at the same time. Therefore, the player must carry out as much tank upgrade as he or she can in an effort to avoid being destroyed, especially too early in the game. The tank’s machine gun if used properly can do plenty damage to the opponent. In addition, working on bullet penetration skill will give an even greater edge.

  1. Ramming

Ramming into things to gain more points is where the ‘Body damage’ skill comes into play. However, it is better for the player to accumulate points first by shooting rather by ramming. This is to prevent any damage to the tank that will weaken it long before the game ends. Once a player shoots up enough points, he or she can start doing some ramming, especially if the health region of the tank is holding up. By focusing on using all the skills available, a player stands a better chance at surviving.

Although relatively new to the market, Diepo.io is becoming popular among the Poki family of players. The game is fun and players can easily become addicted to it.

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