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Design a Productive Home Office

downloadWorking in a home office has its upsides and downsides, just like any other work place. The convenience of not having to travel to and from work often turns out to be counterproductive since the borderline between home and office easily becomes blurred and you end up having neither of the two. You loose track of where at the moment you actually are, loosing productivity and lacking concentration in both of these places. This does not have to be so. There are numerous examples where home office environment is highly efficient thanks to home office design solutions that provide a productive and work inspiring atmosphere. Here are several tips on how to implement them to your home office.

Designate an office spot

This is the first obligatory step. Your home office needs to be clearly separated from the rest of the house. If you are not using a whole room as your office, the corner or the part of the room you will be working from needs to be an independent unit and it visually needs to differ from the rest of the environment. The clearer the boundaries, the better the outcome will be since the moment you enter your home office, your brain and thought setting needs to automatically switch to working mode. This requires your body to feel the same and you as a whole would be at your office, ready and able to work.

Space organization

imagesWhatever the size of your home office is, it needs to be perfectly organized. Since you would probably use a computer make sure it is ergonomically set, easily approachable and solely dedicated to business purposes. It simply cannot be used for playing games in the afternoon or chatting with someone on Facebook. Furthermore, your home office needs to be clutter free. Forget about creative chaos approach, it does not work in real life. Get rid of all the things that are not business related, work is what you are here for, everything else is practiced outside working hours. However, do not forget that this is your home office; you are the boss here so customize it to your preferences. For example, if you like orange color, by all means make your office orange.


originalStorage units are required, regardless of the line of work you are in. Online storage would obviously be the best solution. However, if you are required to have hard copies, or you are still not ready to go digital, your storage units need to be perfectly organized, reachable and separated. If the space allows, top to bottom shelf would be most convenient, plus it will further emphasize the business setting. If not, there are numerous portable solutions and you will surely find one that suits you.

Let everyone know

Every member of your household needs to know that the area you chose will be used strictly as a home office nothing else. There may be some disagreements in the beginning, but when everyone realizes how determined you really are, they will accept your home office as an integral part of your home and if you keep it solely business related, quite frankly no one would want to get near it.


If possible, pick a spot that has most natural light since it has been proven that sufficient amount of natural light is one of the best productivity boosts available. If this is not possible, opt for dimmable light sources that will provide a suitably bright environment. There are moments when you will feel better working under bright lights and again there will be moments that will require a bit calmer atmosphere. However, natural light is still preferred and it would be a smart idea if you consulted commercial builders to suggest solutions on how to maximize it.

Enrich the space

gallery-homeoffice-430x339Though it is a necessity that your home office is strictly business oriented this does not mean that you need to work in a completely sterile environment. Display you favorite works of art, something that inspires your creativity and mood. You can also add colorful flowers, remember, you are customizing the space to your preferences.

Obviously, there are several things you need to think about and fully implement. It takes time and dedication; still, both are required for any kind of successful work. Being successful in home office design surely sets a path for business success. Take it.

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