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David Taylor, Pastor, sheds light on the Meaning of Dreams

“To sleep, perchance to dream,” wrote Shakespeare, and the wonder of nocturnal journeys still haunts humanity. Why do we dream? Is it just a part of sleeping, or do dreams serve a greater purpose? One of the most mystical aspects of the human experience, dreams have been a topic of interest for neuroscientists and psychologists — and for David Taylor, Pastor of Joshua Media Ministries, who interprets dreams through a biblical lens.

Taylor believes the images, thoughts, and patterns that occur while sleeping area more often messages from God than we realize, and has penned multiple books on the subject, including Interpreting Animals You See in Your Dreams and Interpreting Colors You See in Your Dreams. According to Pastor David E. Taylor, dreams are direct, face-to-face communication from God and the solution to actualizing prayers is to listen to these important messages.

As a thought leader and dream interpreter, Pastor David Taylor says he’s witnessed the healing, deliverance, prosperity, and saving of many through sharing his experiences about the importance of Jesus Christ visiting an individual during their sleep.

Said Taylor, “What if Jesus would go to people who are unsaved to get them saved? A ministry that introduces you to Him face-to-face.” Therefore, he started doing that. “In one visitation, Jesus told me, ‘I want you to write your testimony in a book now, and every person who reads this book, I will appear to them.’”

David E. Taylor Offers Free Dream Interpretation

Not only is David Taylor pastor and author of several books about the interpretation of dreams from a Christian perspective, but he offers a complimentary 24/7 dream interpretation service (call 877-843-4567 or visit joshuamediaministries.org/importance-of-dreams-ad/), sharing his 25 years of experience. People all around the world are benefiting from this free service, which began with a nighttime vision of his own.

“It all started during the Christmas season. When I was 17 years old Jesus appeared to me for the first time in a dream, and it changed my life forever,” Taylor reveals. “And He told me that if I wrote this in a book, He would appear to millions all over the world, and it’s happening now.”

Taylor also offers his dictionary of dream symbols as a complimentary online tool. In all his dictionaries, he presents both positive and negative interpretations. One volume concentrates on animals, from aardvark (“This animal in a dream could represent an unclean spirit or someone who dwells in darkness and feeds on digging up negativity”) to zebra (“It could represent the continent of Africa or being fickle or half-hearted”).

His book, Interpreting Animals You See in Your Dreams, goes into more depth. Taylor explains that he believes animals are one of the most common dream symbols God uses in the dream language to speak with people. One of the most well-known examples in the scriptures is when the Lord showed Pharaoh seven fat cows and seven lean cows to communicate the upcoming seven years of prosperity and seven years of famine that were to come. In this example, a cow was used to communicate the type of prosperity, or lack thereof, that was about to hit the Earth.

According to Taylor, today, a cow dream may mean something positive such as wealth, health, the young, believers who are sanctified, agility, sacrifice, and food — or something negative like a famine, drought, destruction, worship of gold, immortality, great sin, or punishment. Seeing an elephant may indicate having a good memory, thick skin, generosity, and intelligence, and if a crane appears, it could represent one who is opportunistic and inquisitive.

David E. Taylor Pastor: Flying Colors

In his effort to widely share his knowledge and expertise, Pastor David E. Taylor also offers a directory of the meanings of shades and hues in dreams. For example, Taylor describes green as a vision of growth and maturity, as well as vegetation for man and beast. “Many of the colors you can see in heaven and their symbolism are the same,” states the website.

Purple is described as “being the color of royalty and kingship.” In a positive light, it can mean “a high ranking in an individual’s spiritual or natural life.” Negatively, it can represent “the corruption of riches and royalty” and a warning to beware of “people who lead others to destruction.”

Other categories covered by Pastor Taylor include numbers, actions, and clothing. A dress could represent putting on a garment of praise. To see burnt baked goods could represent an area of your life where you are neglectful or not paying attention to what you are seeing or listening to and that could have a negative impact on you spiritually. The number 1,000 could represent coming to maturity or victory.

David E. Taylor’s Calling

An easy way to connect with Pastor Taylor and his team of highly conscious dream analysts is his dream interpretation phone line, where dreamers are helped to identify the meaning of the symbols and images in their own dreams.

Says the website, “Dreams are important messages and answers from God for your life!

“If dreams are an avenue that God uses to speak and to make Himself known to us, then dreams in the night are of prime importance. Dreams are a visitation from God to you during your sleep. Therefore, we must have great honor for the dreams that God gives us instead of treating them like they are ‘junk mail’ or simply a series of thoughts and images you see during your sleep that are confusing and frustrating.”

His books on dream interpretations are handy guides to his spiritual outlook on the subconscious mind.

Taylor says dreams, since biblical times, have been one of God’s forms of communication with man and hold key answers to prayers. He says his ministry is spreading the word about these special messages, and it’s growing. “I would go to places and Christ would just start appearing to people in their dreams, in their sleep by the hundreds, by the thousands,” he says. “And now by the tens of thousands.”

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