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Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh Steelers: Rivalry, Odds, Predictions, and Other Things to Know

The roots of the Dallas Cowboys and Steelers rivalry can be traced back to years ago even before the Cowboys played a game.

At the time, the NFL had no interest in returning to Dallas, due to their failure in Texas. It was not until 1960 that they had a rethink, and awarded an expansion team to Dallas which later became the Cowboys. The Cowboys officially began playing in the NFL in 1960, and their very first game was against the Steelers, the exact same team that voted against allowing an NFL team in Dallas 8 years earlier. And although the Steelers came out victorious, they met again in the season opener, and this time, the upcoming Cowboys beat the Steelers 27-24. This was their very first win in the franchise history.

Currently, the two teams play in different conferences (the Dallas Cowboys are in the NFC East, while the Pittsburgh are in the NFC North), they come together just once every four seasons and also occasionally in preseason. These two teams are popularly known to be hotbeds in football at all levels.

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The season of football is almost here, and once again, the Cowboys are most likely going to face the Steelers in another rivalry match, and thousands of people would be searching for reliable tips on how to place their bets in this age-long rivalry game. To begin with, you may want to check out tips from top tipster, Kate Richardson whose betting tips have helped a lot of bettors win big in the past.

The rivalry between the two teams is expected to be ranked as one of the top rivalries in the whole of NFL. Both teams are in the top 5 for the Super Bowl win. They have both played in the Super Bowl in the past, where the Steelers came out victorious twice, and the Cowboys just once. It is worthy to note that whenever there is a clash between these teams, the results have always been close.

What are the odds: Steelers vs Cowboys?

One of the questions oddsmakers are currently asking bettors now is, how high does the Dallas line have to be in order for the Cowboys to cover the spread. They are currently 2-6 on the season but 0-8 not in favour of the spread. Also, the team has gone through a whole season without covering one spread. Now they are battling the only team that has not been defeated in the NFL, which are the Steelers.

During their last three games, the Cowboys have scored 22 points in total, and their fourth quarterback of the season would begin in a very short while. The Steelers on the other hand remain undefeated, especially after their victory against Ravens, therefore making them 7-0 now, leading every league in the power rankings. As expected, they are ranked second in the Football Outsider’s Defensive DVOA, and they claim to be better than average.

There have been lots of controversies from people concerning what the Dallas vs Pittsburgh prediction should be. While some people think the Cowboys would emerge victorious, the NFL and betting experts predicts a win for the Steelers. The odds are;

Pittsburgh Steelers Odds; 1.87

Dallas Cowboys Odds; 1.97

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Dallas Cowboys: Head to Head

The two teams have played each other 33 times with the Cowboys winning 17 and Pittsburgh Steelers winning 16 games.

Their last game was in August 2021 in the ‘hall of fame game’, where the Steelers came out victorious. They made use of a very strong second half to beat the Cowboys. The Steelers started off with an awkward first half, but still managed to overtake Dallas in the second half. This was the first preseason game they played in 2 years, beating Dallas Cowboy 16-3.

Head to Head: (last 5 games)

6th Aug. 21 Pittsburgh Steelers 16

Dallas Cowboys 3

8th Nov. 20 Pittsburgh Steelers 19

Dallas Cowboys 24

13th Nov. 16 Pittsburgh Steelers 30

Dallas Cowboys 35

16th Dec. 12 Pittsburgh Steelers 27

Dallas Cowboys 35

7th Dec. 08 Pittsburgh Steelers 20

Dallas Cowboys 13

How to Bet on Steelers-Cowboy

It is believed that the season for the Cowboys has been an all-round disaster. So far, they have had 2 wins, and online bettors think that they do not deserve any of the wins. Their pass defence is said to be around league average, while that of the Pittsburgh Steelers is way above being great.

Viewers across the world say that they still continue to miss offensive tackles and the functional quarterbacks. They have done quite badly this season, if not, why else would they be at loggerheads with a 7-0 team?

Overtime, the Steelers have been blessed by double-digits, nothing less than six times since the inception of the 2017 season. Below are how things played out;

  • October 2019; Miami at Pittsburgh -14
  • December 2018; Pittsburgh at Oakland -10

If our Steelers vs Cowboy prediction is correct, and Pittsburgh starts off slow as expected, you might find them close to even odds, having a deficit very early. Research shows that they find a way late in order to double viewers satisfaction.

When it comes to this, there are a few angles that can make sense of everything:

  • Dallas is expected to cover at 15.5
  • If the Steelers hold on until the second quarter of the game before they get started, it might be tough to score up to three times
  • The Cowboys +370 to win the first quarter.

Final Notes

After properly going through the odds, form, and tips for both teams, it can be said that the Steelers are a better team currently. As an online bettor, you can decide to play it safe, and go ahead for a Dallas cover, but it is worthy to note that there might not be enough profit to be made there.

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