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Custom Prosthetics Are Possible with the Latest 3D Printers [Infographic]

Today's 3D printers can create specialized jewelry, action figures, and kitchen utensils, but they can also build prosthetic limbs that change lives. For Amanda Boxtel, a skiing accident left her wheelchair-bound for life, meaning that she would never stand (let alone ski) again. Now, with the help of a custom prosthetic suit around her body, Amanda can finally walk again, with relatively little pain. These inspirational examples can be found all around the world. In Sudan's Nuba Mountains, there weren't adequate resources to help the children who had lost limbs during the war, but desktop 3D printers have changed everything. Now, boys like Daniel can have new prosthetic arms built specifically for them, without worrying about the costs. Not only are they specialized, but these printed prosthetics can be created with beautiful and intricate designs that display the wearer's style. Below, you'll find the latest medical success stories in the 3D printing world.

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