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Criteria for selecting the optimal proxy server

Due to the increasing control over various activities on the Internet, the use of proxy has become relevant for many users. It allows owners of computers and mobile phones to remain anonymous on the Internet, protect the device from cyberattacks, and easily visit the blocked sites in the region.

For example, if you need a useful for gamers proxy server Indonesia is the perfect country to choose the server through which the request will be routed. Proxy will help to quickly upgrade their gaming account. It also helps to optimize the work of company executives, online business owners, SMM, and SEO specialists.

In this article, you will learn how to choose the right reliable proxy server and service provider.

How do proxy servers work?

Proxy performs the function of a kind of bridge, by means of IP-address substitution user gets to the site/ social network, protecting personal data and bypassing any blocks. When proxy is connected, the information from the user is sent to the server and then sent to the target host of the network.

What you will get from the proxy server:

  • concealment of personal data;
  • bypassing locks and limits;
  • traffic control in the corporate network;
  • the possibility of mass registration of accounts;
  • acceleration of page loading due to caching;
  • keyword parsing, analysis of competitors and links for SEO monitoring.

Proxies can be used in the PC browser both for a specific service/site, and for all sites at once. Everything depends on the tasks. In addition, there are mobile proxies designed for phones and tablets. Before buying, we recommend you to decide on the purpose and place of their use — so you will not be disappointed in your choice.

Free or paid proxies?

Let’s start with the fact that the performance and security of the proxy primarily depend on the number of users who have access to the equipment. For this reason, an anonymous proxy server with a single owner is rightfully considered the most reliable option. In this case, you will not be banned from the resource / social network due to unscrupulous «neighbours». Other advantages of paid anonymous proxies include: high speed, no falls and high ping.

The only advantage of free proxy servers is no rent. At the same time, they have a long list of shortcomings that will give you a lot of problems:

  • lack of stability;
  • regular failures due to overloads;
  • slow data loading;
  • low level of anonymity;
  • high risk of blocking the IP address;
  • a potential threat to a PC or smartphone.

It is also worth noting that it is now difficult to find properly functioning free proxies — you will spend hours and effort searching for them. But soon you will have to look for a new option again, as free proxy servers subsequently become paid ones or stop working.

Based on the above, for work and convenient surfing, it is worth giving preference to paid individual proxies.

How to choose high-quality proxies?

In order not to be disappointed in the selection of a proxy server, consider the following points:

  • geolocation- some services and social networks can only be accessed from certain countries/regions, in addition, the closer you are to the place of work of the proxy, the higher is the speed of the Internet connection;
  • standard or mobile proxies – choose a proxy server based on the device on which you plan to use it;
  • protocol version – it can be IPv4 or IPv6, generation types differ from each other in the level of security, connection speed, rental cost, and other parameters;
  • price-quality ratio – choose inexpensive, but high-quality proxies from a reputable provider.

Pay attention to the declared speed and the availability of technical support.

Choosing reliable proxies

There are two common reasons for a proxy server to fail: when the settings are messed up/wrong, and when the proxy itself is disabled. The proxy may not respond because the server with the specified IP no longer exists (a similar scenario is constantly faced by those who use free proxies). In this case, the only way out is to replace the proxy with better ones.

In order not to encounter the problem described in the article and use a stable functioning tool, choose proven and reliable proxies.

The services make it possible to inexpensively rent an individual proxy server with high speed and 24-hour technical support. Mobile and standard IPv4 and IPv6 proxies are available for order, including those with rotation – with a change of IP address every two minutes.

Proxy is a must-have for all active users, private professionals and businessmen. With their help, you will not only become invisible on the Internet, but also expand your capabilities. In particular, you will be able to use resources blocked in your region, effectively parsing and arbitrating traffic

If you have any questions, please ask below!