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Crest Financial is a good Financing Option for People with Poor Credit

crest-financialSome retail shoppers don’t have many options. This is the main reason why they end up spending so much more than they should on furniture and appliances for their home. But with Crest Financial Services, they obtain the option of converting a retailer into an affordable competitor to the rent-to-own stores which they are forced to use otherwise.


Crest Financial is an industry leader in the “no credit needed” financing department. They offer the most affordable large purchase financing options to all low-income families who otherwise may not have been able to afford these items. Given the current market trend, new regulations and tight lending requirements, consumers have been looking for a better financing option like Crest Financial for quite some time now.

Average consumers from low-income families feel like they don’t have any options when it comes to making big purchases like furniture or appliances. If they don’t have access to a decent credit and they can’t afford to spend large lump sums of cash, they usually assume that the only option left for them is to go without these items or to rent them out for exorbitant fees. In the process, some customers end up paying as much as four times the retail value of the products without even getting to own them.


If you go through Crest reviews, you will see how differently they operate as compared to others. They are there to specifically help people who have poor credit or no credit. Their programs help customers consider retailers once again. It offers them more freedom in terms of choice. It allows them the luxury of choice even when their options are slim.

Crest Financial provides customers with an affordable financing option since they work directly with the retailers. This means that individual retailers are still able to set their own prices and customers are still going to qualify for all of the latest promotions and deals. The financing option is simply offered at the point of purchase. This grants customers with additional pricing options while giving them the ability to shop around and find the best possible deal. The final amount will be financed by Crest Financial without the need for any credit and with very low fees.

Retailer Benefits

With Crest Financial, retailers will benefit too since they can offer most of the benefits that rent-to-own stores offer at a much more affordable cost to their consumers.

This model makes it easy so that local retailers can compete with all of the rent-to-own stores out there. With Crest Financial, retailers are allowed to offer in-home layaway with just a $40 down payment on any purchases. This means customers will be able to make purchases and take them home on the same day. After this, they will need to pay off the remaining amount of the lease over a period of time.

They strive to make applications for financing a lot easier for customers too. The whole application process doesn’t take more than five minutes. It has been designed in a way that most applicants get approved while only realistic amounts are loaned, which the applicants are going to be able to pay back without any trouble. Additionally, they approve almost 90% of all applications that they receive. That’s quite an impressive approval rate.

This is the perfect opportunity for customers to purchase merchandise which otherwise they cannot afford. They want their customers to be able to pay off any loans which they take. This just makes sound business sense. But that’s not all, it’s also a marvelous way for them to give back to the community.


In order to prevent any of their customers from overextending themselves financially, Crest Financial first verifies their income before approving any sort of financing. The approval amounts are based on this as well as a number of other factors as well. Additionally, customers need to pay off a lease in full before they can qualify for the next one. This ensures that they never borrow more than they can afford.

The primary objective of this financial organization is to help their customers. Even though they do not check a person’s credit, they report to Equifax, the credit bureau, which means that customers will be able to improve and build their credit even when they have leased through Crest Financial. As long as customers make all their payments on time, their credit scores will go up for sure.

We all work very hard for the money we earn and we should be able to enjoy it. Just because we don’t have decent credit doesn’t mean we should be forced to spend more than what is necessary on furniture for our homes.

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