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Cremation Urns And Accessories As Gifts

While it may seem unusual, gifting someone with a cremation urn or cremation accessory can be very helpful in the time of great pain and distress that follows a death. People in mourning don’t always have the energy to think clearly about the minute details surrounding them; often too caught up in their grief to worry about what color urn to purchase or what design or personalization to choose. Those picky decisions are insignificant compared to the loss they’re still learning to process, and rightly so! Death is the most difficult thing a person can experience. People have been known to break down over what would normally be an easy choice – their grief making each task insurmountable.

One of the largest issues with the occurrence of death is the fear people tend to have about discussing it and offering comfort. Most people feel that ignoring someone’s grief and “giving them privacy” is the best option when that couldn’t be further from the truth. When someone has experienced a loss, it’s helpful to talk about their loved one; to talk about their life, their habits, their funny stories regarding the deceased. It’s so beneficial to work through the difficult emotions which comprise grief for the sake of one’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

If you’re looking to purchase cremation urns or a cremation accessory for someone experiencing a loss, take a look at these choices to help you get started in your thoughtful endeavor.

Cremation Urns

  • Adult Embrace Purple Butterfly Cremation Urn

With influences in both traditional urns and modern design; the Embrace line is new and innovative. Superior laser engraving technology is used to engrave the ascending swarm of butterflies and custom text, making each of these urns a one of a kind piece. The Embrace line is offered in various colors and four sizes: Keepsakes, Mediums, Tealights and Adults.

  • Adult Mother of Pearl Cremation Urn

This luxurious urn is composed entirely of brass with hand shaped/placed segments of natural mother of pearl shells. The rows of shells and the beautiful shine of the golden brass remain true and bright with layers of LoveUrns GlossCoat technology. The elegant sheen of this urn will not fade or tarnish with time. The Mother of Pearl Cremation Urn is also available in four sizes: Adult, Medium, Keepsake, and Tealight.

  • Adult Wings of Hope Lavender Cremation Urn

The Wings of Hope Butterfly Cremation Urn is very special, resembling a modern piece of art rather than an urn for ashes. Butterflies have much significance in commemorating the deceased with many cultures around the world viewing them as a symbol of renewal, rebirth, or changing life. This butterfly urn The Wings of Hope Cremation Urn is available in three sizes: Keepsake, Medium, and Adult as well as three different finishes: Lavender, Pearl, and Blue.

Cremation Jewelry/Accessories

For thousands of years, people have commemorated their loved ones by ritualizing their death in the form of funerals, cremations, memorials, and even jewelry. For those unfamiliar with the practice; mourning jewelry is jewelry made with the purpose of memorializing a deceased loved one as both a symbol of their presence and, often, an actual vessel of their earthly remains. This means that the pendant, bracelet bead, brooch or charm is usually constructed to be hollow for the sake of holding a small portion of hair, cremated ashes, or even a pinch of soil or sand from the place of burial.

But why do people choose to put their loved ones inside a pendant or charm? Try to think about it this way; experiencing death is the hardest thing people deal with, yet they are still expected to return to their daily routines with relative ease. This is near impossible for some, their grief can overpower them and leave them unable to cope. Cremation jewelry allows someone dealing with the loss of a loved one the chance to keep their loved one close by while also giving them the privacy of subtlety. The general public cannot tell the difference between cremation jewelry and a regular piece of jewelry, making cremation jewelry a great and private way to honor someone’s memory.

The inconspicuous nature of a cremation pendant or a cremation bracelet bead makes these products the perfect gift to a grieving friend. Take a look at a few of our most popular cremation jewelry pieces you can give someone this holiday season to help them commemorate their loved one’s memory. With this holiday season coming up, make your gift to a grieving friend be meaningful and comforting, make your gift a piece of cremation jewelry.

  • Sterling Silver Wings of Hope Lavender Butterfly Cremation Pendant

Elegant and feminine, the Wings of Hope Lavender Pendant is perfect to honor the memory of a loved one. Butterflies are powerful symbols of renewal and rebirth, which makes this pendant a perfect tribute for your deceased loved one. The butterfly comes with a hollow inside which is accessed through a small screw on the back, making this pendant suitable to hold a small portion of cremated remains. The Wings of Hope Butterfly pendant also comes in two other finishes: Blue and White.

  • Sterling Silver Leaning Heart Rhodium Plated Cremation Pendant

The Leaning Heart pendant is a gorgeous piece of jewelry with a hollow inside for a portion of ashes. The surface of the pendant is smooth and shiny, while the edges are textured to provide a wonderful contrast for an eye catching design.

  • Sterling Silver Feather Cremation Pendant

Simple and stunning, the Feather Pendant is a delicate and detailed piece of jewelry and serves as a bold but tasteful necklace. This tasteful feather also holds a small pinch of ashes so you can keep your loved one near and dear.

Make the next gift you give be meaningful and helpful to someone dealing with the death of a loved one. Grief is extremely difficult to manoeuver so ease their stress by taking care of a vital component in funerary arrangements. While it may be uncomfortable to search for cremation urns or cremation accessories, hopefully this list offered some viable options for you.

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