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Cost of hair transplant in the UK

1For most people, the cost of hair transplant is one of the most important factors to consider when undergoing this life-changing procedure. Today, there are several modern techniques that offer effective solution for hair loss. However, the cost of these modern surgeries is not insignificant. Therefore, it is important to get an estimate of the total amount you have to invest to undergo hair transplant surgery.

The good news is that the cost of hair transplants in the UK has reduced significantly over recent years. Most new clinics in the UK have acquired the latest techniques of hair transplant such as follicular unit transplantation. This has increased competition and reduced the costs of hair transplantation.

Factors influencing the cost of hair transplant

An important factor affecting the cost of hair transplantation is the extent of hair loss. It is a known fact that greater the area of treatment, the higher will be the cost of hair transplantation. Most clinics in the UK will calculate hair transplantation costs based on number of grafts required. The average hair transplant cost per graft is between £2 and £4. Hair transplant surgeries in the UK usually come under the following scale:

Norwood 2

This surgery is usually performed on people with symptoms of early receding hairline. The number of grafts transplanted is in the range of 500-800 and the cost of the surgery is between £990 and £4,000.

Norwood 3

The cost of surgery for receding hairline will be in the range from £1,500 to £5,000. The surgery can lasts for 3 to 4 hours during which approximately 1,000 grafts will be transplanted.

Norwood 4

Those suffering from male pattern baldness may have to pay between £2,000 and £7,000 for hair transplantation. During the surgical procedure, your healthcare provider will transplant about 1000 to 1,500 grafts.

Transplants for severe male pattern baldness, at Norwood 6 and Norwood 7, may require up to 8,000 grafts, and can be expensive. Most clinics in the UK will charge you about £25,000 for the procedure.

The hair transplant cost per graft will also depend on the experience, reputation, and qualification of the surgeon. The best surgeons will usually command a high price for hair transplantation. The location of the clinic will also increase hair transplant costs. For instance, an upmarket clinic in central London will usually charge more than what their provincial counterparts do.

Cost of Hair Transplant by Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

The cost of hair transplant by FUE reflects the fact that it is one of the most successful hair transplant method. It also indicates the skill and work required from the healthcare provider to source each individual hair follicular unit. On an average, the cost of hair transplantation by FUE will be between £990 and £7,000 per session. At times, you may need more than one session to complete the procedure. The source of hair follicles has an impact of the cost of hair transplants by FUE. For instance, you have to pay more for using body hair units for transplants. The total cost of hair transplants by FUE will depend on the number of follicles you want to transplant. However, the hair transplant cost per graft will decrease for larger numbers. For example, you may have to pay about £4 per follicle for the first 1,500 follicles, but only £2 per follicle beyond 1,500 follicles, which will bring down the average price.

Low cost hair transplants – Dangers

It is wise to shop around to find out how much the procedure will cost, as prices may vary considerably and there is a huge competition. However, you must remember that in the end you will get what you pay for. If you opt for a low priced clinic, you may end up paying more to rectify the mistakes of your surgeon. At times, low-priced clinics will ruthlessly damage the donor area which can cost thousands of pounds to repair.

You could opt for overseas clinics but these clinics are unable to offer follow-up treatments. Also, most overseas clinics don’t have the facilities offer by UK clinics.

Can you avoid high cost hair transplants?

Some people use minoxidil to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth. This treatment is inexpensive when compared to hair transplant surgery. However, the effects of this treatment are temporary and will decline over time.

Final Thoughts

The total cost of hair transplants depend on the quality of desired result and the complexity of hair loss. Most clinics in the UK offer online quote, which allow you to enter your details and get an accurate estimate. However, don’t take a decision based on the quote you have received. It is in your interest to visit the surgeon who will conduct a detailed examination of your scalp before giving a final estimate.

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