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Common Foot Problems Associated with Runners

2A runner's foot is always pounding. Do you have any idea about the fact that while running, your feet hit the floor with an effect of average 2-3 times of the entire body weight of the runner? According to the APMA or the American Podiatric Medical Association, a jogger with a weight of 150 pounds usually keeps his feet to a level of 150 tons throughout a distance of 3 miles. There will be times when your feet will indicate certain underlying health problems and since you're a runner you would require concentrating on the present state of your feet plus also watch out for the symptoms of trouble that you might be facing.

Some foot issues faced by runners

  • Foot cramps: If you suffer from erratic or sudden foot cramps, you should understand that you might have either become dehydrated or you're exercising too much. Chronic cramps in your foot might indicate that your body lacks calcium, potassium magnesium in the food that you eat. Then you should try taking foods like leafy greens, milk, seafood, yoghurt, nuts, fish, beans, bananas, potatoes and avocados.
  • Dry foot skin: Both flaky and dry skin might be considered as a symptom of some kind of fungal infection which is usually known as athlete's foot. This kind of disease appears as itchy, dry skin within the first few days and then it moves on to blisters and inflammation. If you see that using moisturizers are not helping cure this, it could also be due to thyroid issues.
  • Visible developments in the toe area: When your running shoes don't fit you properly, this can lead to your running shoes to hit at the front portion of your shoe everytime you hit the ground. In case you see that your toe appears blue, white or red, you might be suffering from Raynaud's disease. An enlarged toe can also indicate diseases like arthritis.
  • Ulcers or sores: Since you're a runner, there are high chances that you're hurting your feet but in case there's a sore which is not healing, that might be taken as a red signal for you to take care. A sore which doesn't heal might be an effect of tarnished nerves caused by some existing conditions like diabetes. There are various instances of diabetes which are diagnosed due to a foot issue.
  • Foot odor: Did you know that there are more sweat glands in your feet than in any other part of your body? Hence, bad odor in your feet is one of the most common problems for most people who run. You may consider keeping your feet dry and clean in order to reduce your foot odor. You can even use anti-bacteria soap to clean your feet.

There are more than one fitness benefits of running and hence you should immediately check with your doctor if you see your feet hurting. Don't continue running with painful feet with the hope that the pain will vanish. Love your health and take care of every aspect of it.

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