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Christmas Gift Ideas for a Hearing Aid Wearer

Hearing Aid WearerIf you know someone who suffers from a loss of hearing, you probably know how much harder this has made their lives. Of course, with a good hearing aid being used properly, most of these problems are pushed into the background, but there is still the occasional complication or annoyance that can occur.

Because that's the case for many people, why not put a little extra thought into Christmas this year and get them something which will help to lighten the load? Useful for the festive season and for years down the line, there are a wide range of things you could get which will make a massive difference to the recipient's life.

Give the gift of an easier life this Christmas, and take a look at the following ideas.

Mobile Phones and Accessories

One thing which may come in especially handy is an amplified mobile phone. When used in conjunction with the T setting on their hearing aid, it provides a sound which is immensely clearer than that given by other mobile phones.

This way, they will be able to keep in touch with the whole family with the greatest of ease. They also reduce interference and feedback, making the experience totally stress-free. Sadly, most models are rather basic in terms of what we've come to know as mobile phones, so you probably won't get a fancy camera or some great games with it.

If you did want to get them the whole smart phone shebang, however, there is a solution at hand: many of the more modern digital hearing aids offered by vendors such as Boots hearingcare come with a Bluetooth capability - smart phones should be able to pair with the hearing aid, offering greater clarity.

Other things you can pair with a mobile phone include the LightOn, a mobile alert system that flashes light if you've received a text or a call. It works on the vibration of the phone - the vibes cause it to light up so that you don't miss the call.

Dry & Store

Because hearing aids are susceptible to damage from both moisture and ear wax, you should consider buying your friend or loved one a Dry & Store, a method of securely storing the hearing aid overnight, equipped with a germicidal lamp. It both cleans and dries the hearing aids, keeping them in tip-top shape so that they can keep functioning well for longer.

Users claim that it improves the sound of the hearing aids, as well as making the batteries last longer. A win all around!

Amplified Alarm Clock

A more affordable gift option than the others listed, an amplified alarm clock makes for a great stocking filler. They're incredibly useful, including a super loud ringer to make sure you hear the alarm, alongside other useful features such as under-pillow vibration pads and flashing lights.

Those who suffer from any sort of hearing loss, from moderate to severe, should be able to benefit from one of these specialised clocks to help them get up in the morning.

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