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Choosing Modern Wedding Cakes

modern-wedding-cakeOne of the biggest parts of a traditional wedding is the idea of a three-tiered wedding cake that has his and her toppers. However, a modern bride and groom definitely deserve a modern wedding cake. If the dress, reception, tuxes and décor will be stylish and sleek, then the cake should definitely match. The problem is that the modern design may seem elusive to those who aren't familiar with desert styles. Typically, if cakes deviate from the traditional, you can label them modern. As they differ in terms of tier structure, frosting or design, modern wedding cakes exude clean lines and elegance.

Most bakers are more than willing to design custom modern cakes for you if you can provide them with details of your preference. If you are unsure of the kind of modern cake you should get, you can take advantage of the plethora of online resources that you can use for inspiration. Websites such as modernwedding.com.au can provide you with tips and ideas for a modern and attractive wedding cake. You can find pictures of modern wedding cakes that you can use to come up with a cake yourself and show it to your baker.

Here are some ideas for modern wedding cakes that you can consider for your own wedding:

Square Cakes

The square cake is one popular trend in modern wedding cakes designs. Undeniably, the desert is modern itself as the square cake also has a fondant base. Fondant is basically an edible ingredient, which can be draped on the base for creating a smooth base design that can be eaten. After the fondant has been used, décor can be added through edible flowers, spray paints, additional fondant or frosting. Using fondant, you are able to get some versatility, which is not usually offered by the use of frosting alone. Furthermore, fondant maintains a sleek profile that is needed for the clean-lined appeal.

Cupcake Weddings

Cupcakes have come a long way from being used as individual cakes made for kids parties and birthday celebrations. Rather than a tiny and sad desert with disappointing bits of frosting applied haphazardly, modern wedding cupcakes can turn out to be the individual masterpieces of a bigger wedding cake, complete with modern flair and design. Ganache and fondant are both great toppings for the modern cupcake, but traditional and beautiful frosting swirls can also be used by bakers for decorating them. After decoration, the cupcakes can be displayed and served in a number of ways. Therefore, they have become a popular staple at modern weddings.

With modern wedding cakes, you have the chance of going bolder and using bright contrasts and colors for creating a much more striking cake than people expect at a traditional wedding. You can also opt for a simpler design when you are choosing bright colors, which may even cost you less. You can choose your modern wedding cake according to your theme or opt for a unique design by looking at the ideas at http://www.modernwedding.com.au/.

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