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Caustic drain cleaners: How to use the safely to clear slow moving drains.

dwdwqeCaustic chemical drain cleaners are the first choice left in the hands of professional plumbers who do the drain cleaning. But the hazards of caustic drain cleaners are huge and it is believed far outweigh the potential dangers to life and property.

These chemical drain cleaners are authorized to be used by a licensed professional. When used by professionals in situations that call for them, they can be an effective solution.

These chemicals are the only choice for the profession plumbers, where the drain jetters, machines that force water into drains at high pressure, or sewer machines, machines that use cables to push and rotate a cutter through the drain pipe are not feasible.

There are biochemical cleaners often use bacteria or yeast to clean drains are generally not caustic but still have warnings to observe. It could be used any to clean the drain by any adult who can follow directions. As always, the product instruction and directions of a drain cleaner product must be followed. Most drain cleaners are often eye irritants and, of course, not safe for consumption.

The use of caustic chemicals to clean a drain that is clogged can be effective than other drain cleaning machines but there are many hazards as a side effect of using caustic chemicals to clean the drain. It is important that you fully read the warning published on the product label and the Material Data Safety Sheet on the product before using it to clean your drain.

The chemical drain cleaners are highly caustic, react violently with water and release poisonous gasses. There are drain cleaners that completely rely on biological agents like bacteria to consume the organic material that causes slow drainage, Chloroben PT-4 is one example.

  • A plumber has to be called to clear the drain when the drain is completely stopped moving. If you use any chemical to try it on your own then it may cause damage to the plumber’s equipment. Also, The use chemicals might be injurious the plumber.
  • Sodium Hydroxide produces caustic fumes that are colorless and nearly odorless.
  • With some chemical cleaners, the heat produced as the drain while cleaning will cause damage to the plastic pipe by making holes in it or even melt them.
  • If the drain is not cleared by the chemical agent and if the chemical remains active complications may arise. These include: covering the drain cable with eroding acid, the acid may be poured into the drain system and come out in the bathroom or elsewhere, heat may build up at the point of stoppage and damage the drain pipe.
  • Poisonous gas emitted into the air may also cause severe injury or even death to pets, birds by consuming even a small amount of poisonous gas. It is very important to ensure that you have sufficient ventilation and all pets and people are nowhere near to your toilet when these products are used.
  • When using liquid, Always pour acid into water not the other way around of pouring water into acid. If you mix water into liquid acid it can explode. Some hydrogen sulfides have this reversed.
  • Using of acid in the drain to be consulted with professionals because some acids will retain the hot for a longer time one such is hydrochloric acid. Using liquid drain cleaning acids in toilets after the expiry time of the product may cause damage to your toilet by exploding it.
  • Chemical drain cleaners work on organic material to break it down; some of them work quite quickly. Your body is living material and you can suffer severe blisters from incorrect use or unintentional contact.

Please keep in mind that the above are only a few possible dangers of caustic drain cleaners.
In many cases, Chemical drain cleaners unclog the drains than the drain cleaning tools, chemical drain cleaners are often used on drains where the drain system is not let the drain to pass and are fully stopped.

If the drain is running slowly then the chemical then it can be approached by using best drain cleaners. In most cases, you should be able to clean out the slow moving organic material causing the problem and flow through the drain system without affecting plastic pipe.

If the drain is stopped completely, you need to take a chance of using the chemical cleaner in removing the clogged drain and instead cause more headaches. Again, informing the plumber that you used a caustic is critical for their safety and the safety of their equipment.

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