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Car care tips for scorching summer

Car in the sun

People are usually elated, genuinely thrilled, and sentimental when it comes to summer and all its perks, but there is one major seasonal factor everybody tends to neglect until the very moment it hits us - the scorching heat. Aside from the green-house effect and global ecological turmoil, high temperature is consequently becoming a nuisance even in everyday activities, like driving and taking care of your car in such circumstances. Keeping yourself cool under the sun is problem enough, but keeping your automobile in the same state is quite a handful, but despair not, with just a few things to consider and some preventive measures, you can avoid all the unnecessary time-consuming, money-devouring complications and malfunctions…


We’ll start with the battery… Simply put, once it’s dead, or empty, the car understandably just won’t start. There is a general idea that the battery is most vulnerable during cold weather conditions, but heat can also be the main debilitating culprit. Remember, heat as well as vibrations are enemies with your car, and they can cause quite a hardware and even software failure if unattended. So cater to your battery’s needs by making sure that it’s fixed and secured under the hood, by having it checked every 3 to 4 years to see how much juice is left and by regularly monitoring the battery fluid prior to summer since it can evaporate at a much faster rate.

Air-conditioning and cooling system

Yes, summer heat tends to make impatient people out of all of us, but once you enter a car, patience is a virtue, especially since the coolant has to cover an extra mile or two to keep all the vital components from overheating. Rolling down your windows won’t do you proper justice when it comes to cooling down your head and vehicle, but no one should rush the matter with air-conditioning nevertheless - it takes time to decrease the temperature to a bearable level, so keep it cool, until it gets cool! Also, in order to prevent unexpected breakdowns, have your coolant regularly checked out and flushed in necessity demands.

Adequate tyres

You just undeniably have to pay attention to your tyres, particularly during the warm summer months, because under-inflated tyres increase the chance of a blowout and this outcome can be quite a nightmare. Your brakes, handling and fuel consumption also depend on it, so keep a watchful eye even if it’s not so unbearably hot outside. There is an estimate that half of the cars on the road do not have properly inflated tyres… this fact should prompt you to make sure to follow up on those manufacturer’s recommendations and to choose wisely when surveying and purchasing from a wide selection of manufactured tyres. Stay smart, stay preventive, stay considerate!


This one is usually for those who are good with their orientation and who understand how the sun travels across the sky. It may seem a tad pretentious, but figuring out where you want to park during a scorching day can be a lifesaver. Naturally, when you’re at home, it’s best to park in the garage, or somewhere shaded and isolated from sunlight, but while you’re at work, for instance, aim for the tall structure or trees to hide your car from the tedious sultriness. Whatever amount of heat you can minimize reduces the risk of potential harm, so remember that it’s all about location, location, location when it comes to parking… Otherwise, you’ll just feel like you’re driving an oven, if you’re lucky enough that it starts in the first place.

A good clean

This is just a routine maintenance, but a crucial one, too. Rain, bird droppings, bugs, sand, dust and other debris can potentially damage the paint, the exterior body and it can even infiltrate inside, in the interior of the car, thus potentially causing damage. Wash and wax, or polish your car regularly just to coat it with that extra layer of gratifying protection. This will ensure that your car will be suited for a long summer drive and it will also look good under the sun.

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