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Car Audio System Custom Made For Your Listening

Your automobile is one of your most expensive investments, and it was chosen because of its extra features, power, colour, unique style, how it handles and other important interests. Now you want to sit behind the wheel and be entertained by the best sound system you have ever heard.


Experts Have Expertise You Need

This is not a DIY avenue of pick and choose. You require the advice and skills of experts in the audio field who know that the audio system is part of the whole package, and while it may not be the most expensive part, it definitely is the most entertaining. Therefore you require expert installation by Sydney car audio professionals for your car's:

  • Audio system of best stereo sound,
  • After market Reverse Camera installation,
  • GPS finder conveniently placed
  • Security alarm

Now that you understand you require the expertise of experienced professionals to install and perfect the additional perks you desire in your automobile, you need to find that company of experts. Moreover, you want the Sydney car audio go-to authority for all things –audio and electronic –in your car to speak to you in Australian English common sense. They know that you want the best for your vehicle, and you also would appreciate their candour and plain-speak explanations for their suggestions.1

Professionals Does it All

Sometimes, the assistance of car audio system installation companies is not just about installing music system; they really service your driving experience as a whole. Each extra you want in your vehicle, including awesome reversing camera installation, a reliable alarm to protect your assets, and most especially a really great car stereo sound system, all help you appreciate your car that much more and enjoy its features exuberantly. You are now at the point in your life when you can finally have everything you ever wanted under the hood and inside the dash. Go for it with gusto and ensure you have retained the best professionals in Sydney car audio workmanship to tweak your car’s after market perks exactly like you want them.


Auto Acoustics is a respected custom workshop south of Sydney's CBD at St Peters. They have the same skilled professionals who worked for them nearly 40 years ago. That amounts to decades upon decades of experience on Sydney car audio needs with everything from fine cars to the work horse fleets. Our experts give up-front advice and old-school customer service on all our jobs. We include high end car GPS installations. By combining years of training and experience with today’s best state of the art technology, we give our customers the advantages of having the best of it all. We are the go-to authority for all of Sydney car audio purchases, installations and services.

Auto Acoustics backs their work as the best quality in the nation, and their products are all of the highest quality to provide customers with durability of lasting perfection. They service their work whenever you have a need for an adjustment, and since they have been local for nearly 40 years, you can be confident that Auto Acoustics will still be solving Sydney car audio needs when your future need arises.

Contact Auto Acoustics today or come look around their shop for ideas and a wish list. Whether you're looking for a sweet car stereo installation for a sports car or ramped up stereo sound in your classic car, a reverse camera installation for your family car or even a safe and secure car alarm installation for your entire fleet, we're here to help.

If you have any questions, please ask below!