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Boosting Your Retail Business Returns – How Mannequins Can Prove to be Your Silent Sales Team

RWEFRWDid you ever go out for shopping clothes and found yourself standing in the middle of the store confused about which clothe to buy? Did you ever think that everything seems to look so perfect? Then what the heck should you buy? Some stores like J Crew, Banana Republic, and Express have a mindblowing selection of clothes. For all the fashion illiterate, it takes a lot of time to decide which shirt goes with which ties and which sweaters go with which pants. This is when many people seek help of the stylish mannequins standing at few distances from one another, donning the most stylish clothes. Most of the times you will see that the wardrobes on the mannequins are all sold out and this clearly means that the dresses displayed on them are the ‘most wanted’ ones.

If you’re a retail owner, you should make sure your mannequins are not chipped and that they’re in good conditions. You need to shop mannequins for sale so that you can get the best ones for luring customers. Read on to check out some points.

Understanding your customer needs

Would you want mannequins made of fiberglass, fabric or plastic? They usually come in various materials, sizes and shapes and hence choosing the best one for your space might seem overwhelming enough. Conventionally, the life-like mannequins are made of fiberglass and they’re coated with plaster. But this definitely comes at a good price. In fact, they are the costliest models and they require utmost care to guard them against chipping and scratching. The ones made of plastic are not realistic but their cost is definitely lower than the ones made of fiberglass.

Mannequins should reflect your customer

Remember that the way in which you dress your mannequin will tell you what you think about your prospective customers. Hence, when you buy a mannequin, make sure you choose those which reflect your customer base. This can be made simpler through an emerging style. The current trend is semi-realistic mannequins without any features. You may do a lot through accessorizing and this is fun. Mannequins have the capability of converting an “I like” into “I want it” by giving the customer a realistic backdrop of the look of the clothes.

Choose mannequins which strike a pose

Are you a retail shop which sells track pants or evening gowns? The director of retail stores for Gazelle Sports, Nancy Greer says that people can now choose mannequins which are positioned and posed to show the clothes in a more realistic way. If you’re selling a track pant and you choose a male mannequin which is the pose of running, that will help the customer understand the look of the merchandise in a better manner. There should be lots of movable parts with torsos.

Therefore, now you know how picking the right mannequins can play the role of a catalyst in accelerating your business revenue and profit.

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